10 Great Tips To Control High Blood Pressure


10 Great Tips To Control High Blood Pressure

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A lot of people these days suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. Thanks to desk jobs, salty junk food and lack of exercise even young people are facing the wrath hypertension. Here are some tips to control your blood pressure and keep it down.

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1) Going for a jog once a week

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Jogging for just one hour once a week can help increase your life expectancy by six years! Isn’t that amazing? According to researchers jogging delivers multiple health benefits including improving the uptake of oxygen and lowering blood pressure. There are a lot more benefits offered by jogging. Apart from jogging, doing any kind of physical activity helps lower blood pressure by strengthening the heart so that it can pump more blood with less amount of effort. This way the force on the arteries also gets decreased. So, be physically active to keep your blood pressure normal.

2) Enjoy a bowl of yoghurt

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Consuming at least one small pot of yoghurt a day can remarkably reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure. According to scientists, the naturally occurring calcium in yoghurt helps in making blood vessels more supple and enables them to expand a bit, keeping the pressure low.

3) Include bananas in your diet


Thousands of lives can be saved each year by consuming foods rich in potassium such as bananas and reducing salt intake. Potassium is said to be an important mineral that helps control fluid balance in the body and helps lowering blood pressure. So, do include potassium rich foods in your diet.

4) Reduce your salt consumption

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Salt tends to draw in fluids, thereby raising the volume and pressure of blood in the arteries. It is not just the salt bottle that you have to be careful about as salt is found in processed foods too! Breakfast cereals, biscuits, ready to eat meals have 80% of the salt that we consume. When you stick to unprocessed whole foods, you will reduce your salt consumption by a huge margin!

5) Lose weight

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Studies show that just dropping a few kilos can have a huge impact on your blood pressure. When you carry around excess weight, you heart has to work harder and the strain leads to an elevated blood pressure. Weight loss sounds simple but it is not. However, if you are determined you can do it! Try losing weight for the sake of your heart at least.

6) Quit smoking

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Cigarettes contain nicotine that stimulates your body to release the hormone adrenaline. It makes your heart beat faster and raises your blood pressure thus making your heart work harder. Quit smoking as soon as you can. To know about why you should quit smoking read this!

7) Work less

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You raise your risk of hypertension by 14% by regularly spending 40 hours per week at work. And when you do overtime, the risk rises. When compared to those who worked less than 40 hours a week, people who work for 51+ hours have 29% more chances of having high blood pressure. It is so because people who are engrossed in their work have very little time to eat healthy and exercise sufficiently. So, reduce your work and focus a bit on your health too.

8) Get treated for snoring

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If you have the habit of snoring loudly while sleeping, you need to get medical advice as it is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. People with this health condition have a significantly higher blood pressure than what it should be for their age.

9) Choose decaf coffee

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It has been found that consuming 500 mg of caffeine, which equals 3 cups increased blood pressure by 3 points. The effect lasted till bed time. According to scientists caffeine raises blood pressure by tightening the blood vessels. It would be better to switch to decaf coffee. Read more on decaf coffee here!

10) Consume beetroot

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Include beetroot in your diet. It has been found that drinking a 250 ml cup of beetroot juice can reduce the blood pressure in hypertension patients by 7%. It is thought that his nature of beetroot is due to its high levels of nitrate.

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