Tips To Eat Healthy When You Hate Cooking


Tips To Eat Healthy;

When You Hate Cooking

As a young girl, I never liked to cook meals and tried my best to avoid it as far as possible. Today I see many young people around who are either too busy to cook a healthy meal for themselves or just don’t like to cook. As a result of all this they land up ordering food online or consume packaged one, putting their health at risk.

It is a commonly observed fact that people don’t actually mind eating healthy food, the actual problem resides in preparing the same. Let us talk about the ways in which healthy eating can be practiced without cooking in the real sense.

Vegetable and Fruit Smoothie

Smoothie is the basically like the garbage disposal of healthy food. If you also belong the category of the people who don’t like cooking, it is the easiest way to have an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables along with the vitamins.

All that is required in the preparation of the smoothie is tossing fruits and vegetables into the blender along with some ice, blend it and a healthy drink is right before you. Isn’t this the easiest way?

Let’s get to know about the fruits and vegetables that you can add in to have the healthiest smoothie in a minute. For smoothie recipes click here….

  • Fruits: For an average person, 2 cups of fruits are required on a daily basis. It can include any seasonal fruit easily available.

  • Vegetables: Vegetables are required in a greater quantity as compared to the fruit intake. On a minimum level, you should be consuming 3 cups of vegetables either in raw or cooked form.

So this basically means roughly two cups of fruits and vegetables, which is just a matter of minutes while using a blender.


Automated Cooking Device-

The Crock Pot / Slow Cooker or The Electric Cooker

The above mentioned cooking options are just another version of automatic cooking. You just need to put the food inside and it cooks automatically. These are the perfect ways to cook a healthy stew or soup without any effort. It’s as easy as it sounds, put the vegetables, rice, spices and everything you wish to be included in your meal in the pot, turn it on low, stay away for as long as 8 hours, and come back to cooked food. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Sandwich and Salad Approach:

Just in case you are not in the mood of cooking and want to have something filling, sandwiches and salads are the best options available without any hassle. For interesting recipes click here….There are a number of ways in which you can enjoy various variants without getting bored. Use raw vegetables with some cottage cheese and fix a mean sandwich with slices of multi grain bread.

The Microwave:

It is the device that gets the minimum attention, but if you learn the art well, microwave cooking can save a lot of time. It is generally considered healthy despite the latest update that in Japan people are avoiding its use.

Cook and freeze

This is another suggestion that can prove to be highly convenient. You can simply cook in bulk and store it for the future. This, no doubt, requires a lot of time in cooking and care while storing the food but once done, you can be free for days. All you have to do, is to simply reheat the food and have it. In western countries it is a common practice though for Indians, I doubt it would work.

So these are the techniques that can be used by the people to eat healthy without putting much effort into cooking.

Hope this post has been useful!

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