Top 7 Tips To Gain Weight!


Top 7 Tips To Gain Weight!

Hello All!!!

Recently a reader asked how she can gain some weight. Well, I found her query quite different from what all I get to read day in and day out. Yes, there are people who want to gain weight and I am one amongst those, yes, I still need to reach the right number on the weighing scale. And look at the irony that I am a part of a weight loss blog 😛 but more than a weight loss blog this is a health blog and so let me introduce you to tips that help in weight gain that too the right way. ( All don’t work for everyone, let me tell you that beforehand!)

1) Start eating 5-6 meals in a day

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You must eat 5 to 6 meals a day in order to gain weight. But this doesn’t mean that you must hog. You must break these meals into parts as eating too much in one go can result in indigestion and this may not enable your body to absorb all the calories. 3 hours after having lunch, you might not be hungry, but eat a little anyway and start noticing the way your appetite increases with every passing day. If you want to know about healthy foods for weight gain, click here!

2) Do weight training thrice a week

Kettle bells benefits

Your muscles will grow when you do weight training. It is also important that you increase your training weight gradually. As you keep training, your strength will increase. So, join a gym and get the advice of your fitness trainer. This tip is for those who want to become muscular. Even other thin people can approach the fitness trainer and start working out the way they are asked to.

3) Consume an extra of 300 to 500 calories each day

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Consuming extra calories that too 300 to 500 more than your normal intake may not seem easy but you must try if you don’t want to be called skinny. I know that when people call you so it hurts! Don’t overeat at once, do it gradually over the course of the day.

4) Increase your protein intake

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Like mentioned above, you must consume an extra 300 to 500 calories daily. This can be done by eating protein rich foods like eggs, meat and cheese. You can have chickpeas too.

5) Drink your calories

smoothie prevent weight gain

Meeting your calorie requirements just by eating may be difficult. So, it is advised that you drink something like milk, milkshakes or protein shakes. Add very little sugar or have it without sugar. Added sugar is bad even if you are on a weight gain journey. So, drinking you calories will be of help.

6) Try to speed up your eating (However, don’t choke)

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People on a weight loss journey are asked to eat slowly and mindfully so that they know when they are full and should stop. Those who want to lose weight should do the exact opposite; they should speed up eating but at the same time chew properly and not choke themselves up :P. As your body takes time to give satiety signals, eating fast will help you eat more!

7) Be realistic


Now you can’t expect miracles in your weight gain journey. If you are thin, you can’t expect to gain weight in a single day. Set realistic goals for yourself. Every individual is different, if don’t see results don’t feel discouraged. Even after trying hard you might just gain 1 to 2 kilos. On a personal note, I was jumping with joy when I had gained half a kilo because I could see that I am reaching the ideal weight I want.

The bottom line

Keeping weight loss and weight gain aside, the most important thing is to be healthy and at the same time happy. Happen what may, just believe in yourself.

Hope you found the tips to gain weight useful!

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