Tips To Handle Alcohol While Losing Weight


Tips To Handle Alcohol While Losing Weight

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Is weight loss on your mind? Good! But you can’t give up on your alcohol!! What to do? When people give up on alcohol completely they lose weight but they pile it up all back once they indulge in an occasional drink during vacation or celebration.

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If you can’t imagine yourself as a teetotaller for life, here are some tricks and tips to help you out 🙂

Know what one drink actually is

Research says that people who drink in moderation have less chances of being obese than non-drinkers. Don’t be too happy because if you drink more than moderate quantity of alcohol you will have greater chances of getting obese. So, what you should know is where to draw the line.

What is the right amount of alcohol for a woman and a man?

For a woman it should not be more than one standard drink and that is either a45 ml of distilled spirit, 150 ml of wine or a can of beer. Mind you anyone of these! For a man it can be two drinks 😛 Each that I have mentioned contain almost equal content of alcohol. Caution: not drinking the whole week and gulping down 7 to 14 drinks during the weekend is not counted as moderate drinking.

Watch your alcohol portions

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

What is served at restaurants is 40 percent more than what qualifies as a standard drink! While partying out make sure that you watch the bartender pour your drink and estimate the approx. amount in the glass and adjust according to it. This means that the one drink you ordered for contains almost twice the quantity of a standard drink! When at home measure the liquor you consume closely.

Keep a check on your carbs

Vodka is on the list of low carbers as it is carb-free. On the other hand beer and wine have more carbs in them. Having a regular beer means downing 10 g of carbs which is equal to a quarter cup of brown rice. If you happen to have a drink with your meal it would be wiser to check the carb content in both your meal and drink.

Watch out for the mixers

It is better to avoid cocktails as by adding a sugary mixer into a hundred calorie tequila shot turns it into a five hundred calorie margarita. If you really want to mix try adding 100% pineapple juice or coconut milk. For creating a cocktail base use unsweetened fruit and try adding stuff rich in antioxidants like ginger or fresh mint.

Put a full stop on the alcohol-induced munching!

You are bound to overeat after drinking alcohol as it is an appetite stimulant. You might start downing unhealthy and calorie dense stuff once you are in a high. Before your wild party just fill yourself up with healthy and low cal stuff. This will prevent you from reaching out for chips and cookies. You can have fresh fruit, raw veggies or popcorn.

Reduce your intake

This is the best tip if you are on a weight loss journey! Try reducing your intake. If you feel you have been drinking far too much then you should think it over. Plan meetings and outings that don’t involve alcohol at all. If you can’t say no to your friends at parties just volunteer to be the driver so that you can be sober throughout the evening!!

Hope these tips come handy!! But do try your best to live an alcohol free life as consuming alcohol has a lot of ill effects on health.

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