3 Incredible Tips To Keep Your Body Healthy

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Here Are Tips To Keep Your Body Healthy!!!

Hello All!!!

Want a healthy body? You need to start eating clan and so here are some tips to keep your body healthy! They don’t require any extra cost or time. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on!

1) Make it a point to add turmeric to your food

Turmeric for weight loss

The whole world is now singing praises of turmeric. The orange coloured spice has been an inseparable part of Indian cooking for thousands of years. The spice is in the limelight currently, with people abroad calling turmeric milk the new green juice! Now you know that your ‘Dadima’ was right when she asked you to finish up your glass of ‘haldi wala doodh’.

It is curcumin present in turmeric that is known to help heart patients by lowering cholesterol and also diabetics by lowering blood sugar. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-cancer. Consuming turmeric reduces inflammation and provides relief from arthritis and joint pain while killing malignant cells. The spice is also known to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The use of turmeric in Indian food is probably why incidence of Alzheimer’s is very low in India. So, keep adding turmeric to your food!

2) Skip the microwave

Microwave Ovens-How Safe Are They 3

Not use the microwave? What are you saying? It may sound impossible but it is not. Use the gas stove instead!

You see microwaving is bad for your health and you need to know why!

When you own a microwave, you have chances of eating more processed stuff that has preservatives and artificial colour. Not having a microwave will make you enter the kitchen and cook real food. This is the chief reason why you should stop using the microwave. Also, microwaving gives growth to the idea that food should made quick and polished off even faster. This is not good news for your digestive system. You digest food better when you invest time in washing, cutting, cooking, smelling, tasting, serving, sitting down and enjoying your food. Doing it this way gives the body a chance release all the right enzymes needed for digestion.

There is also a debatable topic that says microwaving alters the food’s molecular composition. So, isn’t it better to stay away?

3) Find out your body type and plan your diet

vata pitta kapha Ayurveda

If you want good health it would be better to follow Ayurveda which is as old as the Indian culture. It is known to offer the fastest path to good health. Instead of playing the guessing game in choosing the right foods and supplements for yourself, why don’t you follow the prescriptive path? Yes, Ayurveda has a way of identifying your unique body type or Dosha as it is called in Ayurveda.

Once you know your Ayurvedic body type you can work on it. There are 3 Ayurvedic body types or dosha and they are:

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

There are ways to identify your body type. The best way is to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner and have a physical exam and let him know your complete history.

Most often people are a combination of 2 doshas but one dosha is predominant. Once you know about your Ayurvedic body type or dosha, you will be asked to stick to certain foods that will benefit your body type and you will have to avoid other foods that are harming you.

The benefits of the holistic healing are that you turn into a balanced, happy and emotionally sound person.

Hope you liked this post ‘Tips To Keep Your Body Healthy’!

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