Tips To Lose weight With 9-5 Job Commitment


Tips To Lose weight With 9-5 Job Commitment


Hieeee everyone

I don’t know if you people missed me in action here on IWB or not but I surely missed you all. I need to share a news here with all my readers that after being a full time mommy and work from home person for the last two years, suddenly I am a 9-5 office goer once again. 🙂 Wish me luck dearies so that I fulfil all commitments I have made to myself and my organisation.

In my twenties when I started working in All India Radio as a transmission executive it was a 9-5 job and I used to enjoy the work. Then my career graph took a strange turn and I shifted to the field of education from broadcasting. Life was relaxed with lesser working hours along with relaxing summer and winter vacations. During my nearly twelve years of working in the field of education I shared and enjoyed tasty meals (read spicy, oily, sugar and carb laded food items) during lunch breaks with my colleagues, which resulted in massive weight gain from 70 to 98 kilos. You can read my weight loss story here.


At one point, I decided to give up my professional ambition and start taking care of myself so started working from home as part of IWB family. Life was relaxed, comfortable and the days started filling up with multiple mugs of tea, coffee graduating to additional cookies, Namkeen, small bites of cakes etc. And then I realised how stupid I was being as I could feel my addiction of sugar coming back so decided to take up a 9-5 job. I was so desperate to move out of the house for work that at the age of almost fifty I was ready to work for any BPO too. Point was to stay out of the house and stay distracted from my deteriorating eating habits. And then I got into the world of corporate through a reputed Canadian education company; which made my life take a 360 degree turn one month back.

I am finally back to my 9-5 job profile and after completing one month realised that I have started losing weight again. (What a relief ) 🙂  So today in this post I am going to share with you how working 9-5 can actually help us lose weight and stay healthy.

Killers in the office

coffee cup vending machine

The worst things that kill us in an office are chocolates, business lunches, shared biscuits and easily available vending machines which pile on us in the form of fat. The stress of work makes us skip meals breakfast and/or lunch and grab high-calorie snacks which not only cheer us up but also to provide us a much needed shot of instant energy. After a hectic day at work, most of us simply don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen cooking a healthy meal thus resulting in ordering a ready cooked meal. Luckily for me we do not have any of those killer coffee and tea vending machines in our premises and being an educational institution we don’t allow any junk food inside. But if you are thinking that everything is just perfect at my work place, then you need to read on.

Being the head of a kids’ educational centre which caters to the fresh meals for kids, I am supposed to taste everything before being served. I try to stay as low carb as possible but if you are served a plate of hot Aaloo or Gobhi parantha in the morning, can you dare to stay away? No way 🙁

Each meal for kids has a lot of carbs which as a matter of fact are required at their growing age but for people like me they are just too bad. Keeping this in mind I have developed my own way of eating so that half of the office food can be accommodated in my meals.

Tips that work for me

packing food

Here are a few tips for the right way to handle your office food in a better way.

  • Decide once and for all that you will not go beyond the 1200 calorie mark in a day.
  • Have one breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, though you can divide these into five parts with two snacks included.
  • Make three different packs of controlled portions of meals, so that at one time you know how much is to be had.
  • Use the treats and energy-boosting cups of tea and coffee as mid meal snacks.
  • Always keep an allowance of 300ml skimmed milk each day to be had on its own or to be added to tea and coffee.
  • Add extra salad or veg to meals to help fill you up. I do that with eggs.
  • If you eat eggs then the best breakfast on the go is boiled eggs.
  • Make it a point to add a small pouch of Chaach during meal or snack time. I add my pack of Amul Tadka Chaach to my thickie which I carry with me for lunch.
  • Eat half or even one fourth of what you are being offered. No one has told you to take a whole slice of cake when being offered. Just pick a small corner piece and oblige with a smile.

How I am doing it the smarter way

smart not hard

  • I am ensuring to maintain my food diary by logging in my MFP account. That keeps my calories under control.
  • Since I have to leave home by 8.15 am so waking up by 5.30 is a must. Quiet in the morning makes me think better and keeps me at peace whole day. I ensure that I burn minimum 100 calories in the morning. Though it is nothing yet if I shoot up a bit more from my target calories I don’t have to worry.
  • Early morning walking the dog for fifteen minutes outdoors and fifteen minutes One Mile Walk At Home program, makes me feel accomplished and ready for the day.
  • Boiled eggs are my best friends for breakfast in the morning. Adding some chopped bell peppers and spinach gives them a distinct flavour when warmed in microwave.
  • A fruit and a cup of oats with milk keeps me full for hours together when I am hard pressed for time.
  • When asked for tasting I take just one bite of the food offered and share the rest with others around me. (After all tasting doesn’t mean hogging away to glory :P) So the extra food that I consume is a bite of parantha or dalia and khichdi, which cannot be more than 100 calories in any case.
  • Eating one fruit (apple or orange) is a must for me when I am hungry during the day. I prefer to add an apple in my thickie.
  • I stay away from sugar in my tea and coffee. Coffee is plain black one and just one mug a day. (Don’t get time to have more than that otherwise I can go on and on whole day.)
  • Dinner is either a bowl of dal and greens mixed or two slices of wheat bread with vegetables stuffed inside.
  • Pre sleep a mug of hot milk is the perfect end of the day for me.
  • Cheese slice or a slice of paneer I try to include in between as it helps in satiating my cravings.

I have set new targets for my weight loss and have already started feeling light along with inch loss. This time I am not expecting miracles because my medication of thyroid and arthritis is a mental block that hinders my weight loss. Of course like earlier I cannot do miles and miles of daily walk but I am planning things for better. One thing is sure that I am having better energy and concentration levels.

In my next post I am going to share a workable meal plan for all the people (read women) who are in 9-5 job profiles.

Hope you use these tips to lose weight with your 9-5 job commitment.

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