Top 6 Tips To Make Cocktails Healthy


Top 6 Tips To Make Cocktails Healthy

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Hello All!!!

Is ‘eat, drink and be merry’ your life motto? This post is for those party animals who really know how to enjoy life! Well, I am personally a teetotaler but life teaches you everything you know! Alcohol can affect your weight so it would be better if you indulge in drinks only once in a while. Read this post to know more about alcohol and weight gain-click!

Okay, so cocktails are fun and these days no one will stare at you if you are enjoying one. Well, today in India many people have become broad minded. A friends’ meet up today is incomplete without drinks these days.

Back to cocktails now! Most of the cocktail recipes use syrups and mixers that can totally revamp your drink and make it a sugar bomb! There goes your calorie controlled diet! However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to boring stuff like light beers or vodka when you are spending the evening with your friends. You can make some intelligent and easy swaps and transform your cocktail from a diet wrecker to a light and breezy drink.

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The following swaps can make your drink a little light without compromise in taste:

1) Be smart with sweeteners

Sugar syrup that is added to cocktails is prepared by mixing equal parts of sugar and water. So, you need to steer clear of drinks that are prepared with mixers and sugary syrups. Instead opt for cocktails that are made with natural sweeteners like stevia. This way you will not wreck your diet and also prevent the damage that sugar can do to your body.

2) Pick lighter alcohol varieties

This one tip is plainly to prevent hangovers. Dark alcohols have more toxic compounds that are formed during the process of fermentation. These substances can give you a terrible hangover. It would be advisable to stick to lighter alcohol such as vodka or gin in order to avoid a terrible hangover the next morning.

3) Avoid sugary soda and use club soda

Sugary soda or soft drinks are usually mixed with alcohol to make a simple cocktail but it would be better to use club soda. You will avoid the unnecessary and empty calories. Anyways, colas and other soft drinks are not good for your health.

4) Add fresh fruit juice

When you add real fruit juice to your drink, you are keeping the ingredients natural. You will get a dash of sweetness without the need to add extra sugar. Make sure it is real juice and not the packaged juices that you get in the market. Packaged juices are loaded with added sugar. So, beware!

5) Add fruits to your drink

Make your cocktail as healthy as possible by packing it with all kinds of colourful fruits. By adding fruits you are adding flavour as well as nutrition to your cocktail and removing artificially flavoured mixers!

6) Add herbs to your drink

Adding herbs to your cocktail will raise it to another level with regard to flavour and nutrients. You can easily add fresh mint, basil and thyme to your glass. Remember to crush the herbs well so that they release the healthy compounds that are good for health.

Hope the above tips to make cocktails healthy will be useful for you!


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