Top 5 Tips To Make Your Grocery Last Longer!


Top 5 Tips To Make Your Grocery Last Longer!

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So you happily go grocery shopping and load your fridge and kitchen cupboard with loads of healthy stuff! However, after a short while certain things you couldn’t use up in your cooking starts rotting and you end up throwing it! National waste! This happens often? This wouldn’t be the case only if you knew how to keep your grocery the right way! Here are a few tips! Read on!

1) Taking care of dairy

cheese for high protein diet

Now if you have spent a lot on your favourite variety of cheese, you would not want it to go bad overnight! The best way to keep your cheese fresh is by wrapping your cheese with sheet of waxed paper followed by aluminium foil prior to storing it. To keep butter fresh for long, consider freezing it.

2) Don’t keep your apples in the refrigerator

Most of us do keep our apples in the fridge for them to last long but there is a reason behind keeping them out of the fridge.; apples release ethylene gas that can spoil other food around them. It would be better to store your apples wrapped in a paper inside a cool and dry cupboard.

3) Put away the plastic

Don’t store fruits and veggies in plastic bags. The trapped humidity will lead to their early rotting. You need not purchase your veggies and fruits in a plastic bag. Most of the produce can be put into reusable bags that you can carry along when you go shopping. It can be those traditional cloth bags that were in use decades ago and are now back in fashion because your sabziwala doesn’t give you a plastic carry bag anymore! But you still get plastic bags in a roll in big supermarkets to make picking your fruits and veggies easier. However, remove your produce from the plastic bag and let it breathe.

4) Freeze stuff

Frozen vegetables- frozen food bad for health

If you feel that some of the stuff you just bought cannot be used immediately and can go bad, just put it in the freezer. Most food items can be frozen well, of course with the exception of some. Some might change their consistency a bit and you might need to use it in a manner different from what was originally planned. But the thing is that at least they aren’t going to get wasted. You can remove green peas from the pods and freeze them and they will stay good for a long time in your freezer. Even tomatoes can be stored whole in the freezer. Of course you need to de-freeze them before use! You can use them to make soups and sauces.

5) Use glass containers

You must have noticed that dry goods like cereal, pasta and nuts turn stale if you happen to leave them in the cupboard for a long time. Even keeping such dry stuff in their original containers is not a very good idea. Every time you open them, they absorb the humidity that lingers in the kitchen.

So, what is the way out? Glass containers! Yes, you need to use glass containers with tight fitting lids for keeping dampness out of dry food. Glass containers are impermeable and don’t let moisture sneak into your cereal or granola. As soon as you purchase dry foods, transfer them into glass containers and place them in dry cupboards. You need not spend a fortune on fancy containers, just make sure that the glass jar has a tight lid.

Hope the above tips to make your grocery last longerare useful!

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