What The Tongue Reveals About Your Health?


Learn What The Tongue Reveals About Your Health!

Diagnosing illnesses and conditions based on the color and texture of the tongue is a staple of Chinese and Western medicine, and it’s a common sight on the onset of any checkups for the doctor asking you to show your tongue. Imagine, you having a discolored or an unclean tongue, then??When we brush our teeth every morning and night to keep it clean its isn’t it equally necessary to keep our tongues clean as well?It’s all about your tongue, not necessarily a beauty feature, perhaps, but getting a close look at your own tongue will say more about you than you think.

That’s because the tongue is like a barometer to your body’s health and performance. With this in mind, a team of researchers made the tongue the focus of a new diagnostic system designed to help people who live in remote areas. This computerized system can answer user questions about symptoms and take a digitized image of the tongue, then offer a diagnosis, states a new study outlining the system recently published in the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.

tongue health, Tongue Reveals About Your Health

So, what the tongue reveals about your health?

A smooth, pale surface – Tongues are supposed to be a little bumpy, but if yours is smooth, it could be a sign of a B12 or iron deficiency according to experts.

  1. Black discoloration or a hairy tongue- As gorse it may sound; it just looks like it because secretions have accumulated on the surface and turned dark. It’s a call that your oral hygiene need to step up.You need to regularly take care of your tongue with the tongue cleaners available and with flossing. “Poor oral health sets you up for a higher risk of heart disease,” says a noted research expert and a doctor. A black tongue can be a sign of a fungal infection, brought on by an underlying condition messing with your immune system, such as diabetes.
  2. Large tongue – If you feel a certain swelling in your tongue or your tongue feels too large, this means you’re not producing enough thyroid hormone, which also slows down your metabolism and sinks your energy.
  3. Fissured tongue– If you notice deep cracks or grooves on the surface or sides, you may have an autoimmune disorder.
  4. White tongue –We often notice white flakes on our tongue and that too is a sign of fungal infection. It means that something else is going on that has upset the natural levels of fungus-fighting bacteria in the mouth.

When you identify a white tongue, don’t take lightly or as normal dirt. If you notice this discoloration try first brushing your tongue each morning and evening for a week or two to make sure it’s not an oral hygiene issue. You’re at a higher risk of developing this condition if you’re on antibiotics, have diabetes or are on chemotherapy, inhale steroids to treat asthma or COPD, or have a compromised immune system. A question may occur to you now,what if I have a proper red tongue? Does this mean everything is okay?

tongue health 2, Tongue Reveals About Your Health

A rosy tongue can sometimes go hand-in-hand with a sore throat. This could be a sign of scarlet fever which is a bacterial condition that occurs in some people who have strep throat, and develop a strawberry tongue. Important is to maintain a good oral hygiene before you develop such tongue trails.

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