Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Ab Doer Twist Workout


ab doerTop 10 Amazing Benefits of Ab Doer Twist Workout

While working out, do you get confused trying to figure out which gym equipment to use for proper toning of the whole body? Obviously! Working out on different machines to tone different parts of your body is indeed frustrating. Here’s a tip and a solution, save all that stress for your workstation and make complete use of that one exercise machine that can tone your entire body – the ab doer twist.

Ab doer twist is an exercising machine that makes and maintains the duodenal abs and thus, focusing on overall body fitness. It runs on dual concepts of aerobics and muscle toning.

Benefits of Ab Doer Twist:

  • The neck and the spine get toned. This provides a long term relief from muscular stiffness and pain and prevents any future injury.
  • The massage roller gives a very soothing therapeutic massage. It de-stresses the complete backbone and prevents back pain or muscle breakdown. It also prevents any unwanted fatigue.
  • It makes you slimmer. This slimming is not just limited to the belly or the hands but the overall body. You can be assured of burning of extra fat from legs, hips and buttocks.

How to exercise On Ab Doer Twist Machine:

ab doer twist machine

  • Adjust the height of the machine according to your comfort. With your back touching the massage roller, sit with a perfectly aligned and erect spine. Keep your legs stretched wide apart on the ground such that you have a comfortable grip. Remember not to jerk any muscle of any body part.
  • Now, hold the handle with your hands and start moving your hands in and out slowly. Increase the rotations according to your comfort.
  • A very easy way to tone the arm muscles, thigh muscles and Abs, all at the same time is to move your legs in and out while twisting the center rod of Ab doer twist. Twist the handles left and right opposite to your legs such that, when you move your hands to right, your legs move to the left and vice-versa.
  • It is really important to sit in a comfortable position on the machine and adapt oneself to a constant motion and pattern.
  • You can now increase the frequency of the motion gradually. This minimizes the chances of back and shoulder injury. Maintain the frequency of the motion as long as you feel comfortable doing it. You need to maintain a specific rhythm until you start feeling tired. For example, one hand stretch followed by left and right twist of hands and legs.
  • Also, do not stop immediately when you start feeling the fatigue. Bring down the frequency gradually, just like you had increased it.
  • You can also alter the resistance on the action dial.
  • After completing your workout, rest your muscles and take deep breaths for a few minutes.

This is what makes this amazing fat-burning, Ab Doer Twist machine a must-have for health conscious people.

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