Top 10 Christmas Gifts For The Health Conscious


Christmas wishes

IWB wishes all the readers A Joyous and Merry Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For The Health Conscious

This is the festive season and the gifting season. Have you readied your gifts for your friends and family? Oh, that reminds me that yesterday my daughter’s friend sent a homemade Cake for me (despite of my being a health conscious person, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of plum cake during festive season) which made me put on my thinking cap to decide what should be the ideal Christmas gift for the health conscious people. Of course, it’s simply impossible to alienate cake from Christmas celebrations, yet is there any harm in gifting a small cupcake with some other gift in place of a big plum cake? Try to eat a bit healthy this Christmas and for that eating in moderation is the key.

Christmas stockingNow all I want this Christmas is gifting something healthy to family and friends, thus this is what I suggest to you all too for gifting during the Christmas season to the already health conscious people and others too who consider combining health with festivities no lesser than a criminal offence. 🙂 But personally speaking I feel there won’t be any time better than Christmas to make a loving statement through your gifting gesture to your friends and family that dear ones, I want you to be healthy because I love you and want you to be around me for a long long time. So make use of my gift and stay healthy.

Hand Blender/Magic bullet


One thing that I think the most important for a health conscious person is  a hand blender or a Magic Bullet to make those healthy smoothies and shakes. Find Best 5 healthy smoothies here. 

Water bottles and Food steamer

food steamer

Any friend who needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle can be gifted a set of water bottles and a food steamer. Those bottles will surely keep reminding the friend of yours to keep increasing water intake. And for the food steamer there are so many models from electric ones to stove top in the market. Though my personal preference will always be a stove top steamer with different trays for idli as well as veggie steaming.

Brain foods

brain foods

You love your friends and family enough to make them eat right to think right. Stay away this Christmas from gifting anything full of carbs that has an addictive effect on them (read about harmful effects of carbs here).

Nuts & Fruit baskets are the perfect brain food gifts to make you and your friend think as well as feel healthy.  Pick up anything from apples, oranges, peaches and a mixed nuts pack. A set of Green Tea bags of different flavours are also no lesser than brain food as they help relax the mind.

Brain Healthy Spices

Top 10 Indian Spices For Weight Loss

For the friends who love to cook, pack an Exotic Indian Spices hamper. While you do so don’t forget to add sage, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, dry ginger powder, thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, and star anise. Not only are these spices full of flavours but also filled with antioxidants.

Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons set with Kitchen Scale

measuring cups and spoons

If your friend is a weight watcher then what can be better than gifting a kitchen scale (read about it here)with measuring cups and spoons. Surely these three things will keep a check on the portion sizes for your friends.

Monitoring device

Omron HJ 203 pedometer india review

Monitoring device like a Pedometer (read review here), a Fitness Band or a Heart rate monitor is a perfect one for giving a kickstart on the journey towards a healthy future.

Personal training or Dance class membership

dance classA friend who is not able to afford a personal trainer or a dance instructor can be made happy by gifting a month’s session with a personal trainer or a dance instructor. The smile on that face will always be cherished by you.

Motivational book with a Food journal

How about gifting a set of motivational weight loss books and a food journal to a friend who you think needs to log in the food eaten. Check out the books here.

Relaxation/meditation/Exercise DVDs

There are so many of the DVDs available in the market which can help a stressed out friend of yours to relax a bit. Check out here.

Gift a smile

help to smileWe send gifts to our friends and buy for our family but this Christmas how about gifting someone really poor and hungry homeless person a blanket or a quilt and may be a bag full of fresh veggies and fruits for the family in need? After all nothing can be as healthy as a warming blanket for the person shivering in the cold and a healthy meal for the one dying of hunger in the streets on the cold night of December 25th. Santa can’t come to everyone, so how about being the Santa for those who deserve a meal, a warm bed, some woollens or may be just a smile?

Santa happiness

Cause someone happiness and gift something from this list of top 10 Christmas gifts.

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