Top 10 Exercise Myths Busted!


Top 10 exercise myths busted!

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It is not just the nutrition world that is filled with myths. Even the exercise world is full of baseless notions and preformed ideas. Here is a list of a few myths and the truth behind them. You would have heard them at least once during your fitness journey.

Top 10 exercise myths busted!

Weight Loss Myths Busted - Part 1

1. Your cardio machine counts the calories you burn.

treadmill weight loss

The number shown by the machine is not accurate. Certain machines don’t even ask for your gender or weight. It depends on the body composition and varies from person to person. If you have lesser body fat you are likely to burn more calories. By the way, how many of you know about your body fat percentage? Then how on Earth can your cardio machine tell you how many calories you have burned?

2. Women should not lift weights as they will become bulky.

women weight training myth

Elders constantly keep saying that women should not lift weights. It is primarily their fear that women would become bulky on doing so. Time and again this notion has been shunned by fitness trainers. Women should try lifting weights.

Experts say that women have a lot of estrogen (female hormone) in them and this won’t allow them to build large amounts of muscles. Men build muscles faster as they have testosterone (male hormone) in them. This means that women no longer need to fear the barbells. Strength training of women will help in burning calories, reduce body fact and increase lean muscle mass in a more efficient manner.

3. Heart rate monitors let you know how hard you’re working.

This concept is incorrect. Instead of depending on these monitors it would be better that you depend on your own body. Yes, your body signals can provide you with more reliable information.

The talk test comes handy here as you can measure how intensely you are working out. It depends on whether you can talk in full sentences, in short phrases or if you’re barely able to speak a few words.

4. Your weight is the ultimate thing.

7 Weight Loss Myths and Facts weighing scale

As soon as people hit the gym, they start weighing themselves on the scale. It is good to keep track of your weight but it shouldn’t be done every day! Here is an excellent post elucidating this point- weighing scale your friend or foe.

Even if you are not losing weight by working out you are getting healthier. Weight is not the only factor that decides how healthy yo u are. Remember that by working out regularly, you are getting better day by day. It might not reflect on your weighing scale but things are changing inside you.

5. Low-intensity exercise helps burn more fat.

It is a myth that if your workout is of high intensity you will burn carbs instead of fat. The truth is that if you do an intense workout you will burn a larger proportion of carbs. The fat burned may be less but the calories burned are higher. Also, when your body burns all the carbs it will start burning fat.

Low intensity workouts have their own advantages; they are less stressful on the joints.

6. Consume a protein shake after workout.

Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder weight gain

Drinking a protein shake as a post workout meal is not a good idea. They are a lower quality food, only meant for emergencies. It would be better to eat real food. Go in for protein rich real food. Have yogurt with nuts and fruits.

7. You can spot reduce for toned arms and abs.

Spot reduction is a myth. It is better not to focus on a particular part of your body. Try doing a full body workout.

8. As long as I workout at the gym for 30-45 minutes I can do what I want for rest of the day.

Going to the gym does not control your diet, right? Also, it has been found that if you have a sedentary lifestyle you will reduce your lifespan ( I think I have hit the nail at the right place! Now you will exercise 😉 ) So, get going and keep moving throughout the day.

9. No pain, no gain.

According to a fitness trainer, one should not be exercising at a level of pain. Slight discomfort is ok during your workout but you should not work so hard that you increase the risk of injuries. You need to work out ‘smart’ and not ‘hard’.

10. Stretching will help prevent injuries.

stretching can hurt you 1

There is an excellent post related to this myth here.

It is not proven that stretching prevents injuries. Instead it has been found that stretching before running neither prevents nor causes injuries.

 Are you more clear about the myths linked with exercising?

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