Top 10 Foods That Trigger Acid Reflux

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Top 10 Foods That Trigger Acid Reflux

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Munch! Munch! So, you had your favourite food!! The food travels through the mouth, moves down the oesophagus (food pipe) and gets into the stomach. Nothing new about that! But when you suffer from acid reflux, things can go topsy-turvy! Read about acid reflux here!! There are a lot of foods that trigger acid reflux by affecting the valve that separates the oesophagus from the stomach. This prolongs the time spent by the food sitting in the stomach. It can also cause the stomach to make excess gastric acid. Certain foods make the stomach produce so much acid that it gets back into the oesophagus and gives a burning sensation.

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If you have acid reflux disease, you have to eliminate the 10 commonly consumed trigger foods from your diet. Here we go!

1) Tomatoes


Tomato and its products are packed with citric and malic acid that can make the stomach produce too much acid. When the acid volumes go too high, the acid starts flowing up the oesophagus. The acidity of tomatoes will not reduce even after cooking.

2) Citrus fruits

Orange- for diabetics

Research reveals that by limiting your intake of dietary acid, you can get relief from symptoms of acid reflux. This makes cutting back on citrus fruits a must. Do you know that the pH of lemon is as low as 2? Thus, it is a very acidic food. Consuming the juice of lemon is almost like pouring plain gastric acid into the stomach! Other citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lime can also trigger acid reflux.

3) Onions


There is a clear link between onions and acid reflux. Consuming onions increases the amount of time for which the stomach’s pH is less than 4 (a low pH means high acidity). This results in belching and heart burn. Just like tomatoes, even after cooking onions, the acidity is not affected. If you can’t live without onions eat the green ones which are mild (in small doses).

4) Carbonated drinks

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Carbonated drinks trigger acid reflux. The gas present in such beverages increases gastric pressure in the stomach. The bubbles push and stretch the stomach that force open the oesophageal valve. Some soft drinks also have caffeine that can trigger acid reflux in some people. Diet sodas are worse as they have a pH between 2.5 and 3.7.

5) Alcohol

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

Alcohol makes gastric acid to flow back into the oesophagus causing a terrible burning sensation. If you do consume alcohol then you should be avoiding drinks like beer and champagne that are carbonated. Be careful of mixers that trigger acid reflux like soda and acidic juices.

6) Spicy food

5 Best foods to control weight after 40 red chilli

Spicy food seem to be ones that trigger acid reflux but research says that spicy food does not affect the oesophageal valve. Spicy food actually creates problem by irritating the oesophagus.

7) Fatty food

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It takes time to digest fat. This means it lies around in the stomach for longer giving the acid a chance to travel back to the oesophagus. Moreover, consuming more high fat and low nutrient food can result in weight gain. If you happen to go in for a meal loaded with fat, have a smaller portion of it and schedule it a few hours before you plan to hit the bed. If your belly if full of slow digesting food, you might get mid-night heart burn and burps.

8) Coffee

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It still is not clear why coffee is linked with acid reflux hen consumed in large quantities. Now lots of people drink coffee every day, so what can be done? Experts say that you should be going in for darker roasts that are less acidic and are well tolerated by those who suffer from acid reflux. You can limit your intake of coffee to one cup.

9) Chocolate

Ways To Control Food Cravings chocolate

Research says that when people with acid reflux eat chocolate, the problem gets aggravated. The high fat content in chocolate can also trigger the symptoms of acid reflux. Not a very good news for chocolate lovers with acid reflux problem.

10) Peppermint

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Peppermint is generally used to treat indigestion in people but those who already suffer from acid reflux disease might get affected by heart burn. Peppermint has ability to prevent gas from forming in the digestive tract and help the body in expelling it but at the same time it relaxes the valve that separates the oesophagus from the stomach. It is better to have your peppermint tea diluted with water or just avoid it and have ginger tea instead!

Do you suffer from acid reflux?

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