Top 10 Habits That Make Your Diet Unsuccessful

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Top 10 Habits That Make Your Diet Unsuccessful

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You are working hard to shed kilos but are not able to see any results. You give up and get back to your unhealthy routine. Why were you unsuccessful? Have you ever thought? It is mostly due certain habits that you have. Here is a list of habits making your diet unsuccessful.

Top 10 Habits That Make Your Diet Unsuccessful

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Bad Habit #1: Thinking that you are going “on a diet” in the first place.

You have convinced yourself that you are going on a diet. Diet means restrictions on what you enjoy eating. There it goes!! It is a universal fact that when you can’t have something you yearn for it more. If you think of a diet as a restriction you cannot succeed.

What to do: Instead of thinking about your diet as a restriction think about it as a healthy change in your lifestyle. Plan it well as what nutritious foods you are going to include in your diet and make sure to keep them realistic.

Bad Habit #2: Changing your eating habits overnight.

You eat all the sort of junk food in the world and keep promising that you won’t eat junk food from next week and in your zeal you throw away all the junk from your kitchen. It does not work for you, right? You cannot change your lifestyle and diet in a day!

What to do: Begin by swapping your usual food with a little more healthy food. For example, you can switch white bread for whole grain bread and your 2% fat milk with 1% fat milk. Taking baby steps towards being healthy, you can bring in lasting changes.

Bad Habit #3: Giving up certain foods altogether.

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Eliminating a specific food from your diet will only make you crave that food more. A lot of people think that by giving up certain foods (foods that they love) forever, you can lose weight. For instance giving up ice-cream forever will initially make you lose weight (only due to eating lesser calories) but you will gain it all back as you let it back in your life.

What to do: ‘Moderation’ is what you should focus on. Instead of thinking about foods you can’t eat, think about all the healthy foods you can eat. Have a positive attitude. Ensure that you control portions while eating foods that you are planning to eliminate. This will keep you happy and at the same time prevent binge eating.

Bad Habit #4: Only counting calories.

When it comes to weight loss, calories play an important role. How much you eat and how much you burn matters a lot. But blindly counting calories won’t do. Certain foods that are higher in calories are actually healthier than foods that are lower in calories. See the nutrition value of foods too.

What to do: Along with tracking calories keep track of the nutrition content too. Compare the healthy fat, vitamins, minerals protein and carbs content of foods.

Bad Habit #5: Focusing on the scale.

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Weighing yourself will tell you about your weight loss progress. But the whole story is not present in your weight. Just by weighing yourself you can’t find out how healthy you are. Weighing scale needle may not budge but you may be getting healthier.

What to do: The weighing scale tells you the mass of your body at a given point of time. Don’t get obsessed by the weighing scale. Weigh yourself less often (once every week). Look for other positive changes inside you.

Bad Habit #6: Only dieting and not exercising.

The most common reason for your weight not budging is only concentrating on your diet and not on your work out. It is possible to lose weight this way but it is a lot more difficult as you will feel excessively hungry and miserable.

Exercising has its own benefits of toning your body on the whole, and also improving personal appearance.

What to do: Make sure you include at least a 10 minute workout in your weight loss plan. Don’t make it boring and strenuous.

Bad Habit #7: Trying to eat as little as possible.

You need to eat certain amounts of calories so that you get all the essential nutrients required by your body to stay healthy. Cutting down on food quantity will cause health problems in the long run. This habit can wreck havoc on your metabolism making your weight loss difficult.

What to do: Stick to your calorie budget and don’t go too low. Reducing food intake will not help you.

Bad Habit #8: Giving up too easily.

Everybody has to face ups and downs in life. This doesn’t mean that you have to quit. Missing out a workout, not being able to cook diet-friendly food at home are some common things that can happen to anyone. You can learn from your mistakes and keep going.

What to do: Nobody is perfect and that is why you shouldn’t give up too easily. It is difficult to bury old habits, give yourself time and plan what to do ahead so that you can rectify your mistakes and not let them happen again.

Bad Habit #9: Confusing “healthy” with “low-calorie.”

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When you see words like trans fat free, sugar free, low fat, gluten free, organic on food packs, don’t think that the food is low in calories. These words are purely meant to attract your attention.

What to do: Read the nutrition facts behind the pack properly. Ditto for restaurant menus. Know what is there in your food before you order/buy it. Don’t get carried away by ‘healthy’ sounding words.

Bad Habit #10: Unrealistic expectations.

The media is full of unrealistic weight loss ads. Weight loss is a huge business today. You can be attracted to such rapid weight loss gimmicks that hardly work in reality. So, do it the healthy way and don’t have unrealistic goals in your mind.

What to do: It is all about your mindset. If you expect to lose half a kilo in one week and are able to do that then you will be inspired to keep working towards your goal. Just be realistic.

Did you find the list of Top 10 habits that make your diet unsuccessful useful?

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