Top 10 Negative Effects Of Using Mobiles


Top 10 Negative Effects Of Using Mobiles

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People predominantly think that mobile phones can cause cancer but is just one of the health hazards that mobile use poses. I know! It is next to impossible to live without your mobile phone as most people are addicted to it but your health is getting affected unknowingly. Here are a few health risks of using mobiles that you should be aware of:

Top 10 Negative Effects Of Using Mobiles

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1) Cancer

According the WHO, mobiles emit radiofrequency fields that are 1000 times more than that emitted by base stations! This emission is bound to have some adverse effect on health. Though not very clear, radiofrequency fields are a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing). However, one recent study says that brain tumour due to mobile use may take 20 to 25 years and no one has been using the mobile for so long! 😛

2) Sleep disorders

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The use of mobile phones has been linked to sleep disorders. You may love chatting and gossiping with friends at night but your sleep pattern gets affected due to the mobile. You might get disturbed by mobile rings and vibration in the middle of the night. It is like depriving yourself of quality sleep.

3) Increased chances of accidents

Most people attend to the mobile phone while driving and that is indeed dangerous. It is not just people in cars but also people driving two wheelers who attend to the phone and that is a real cause of concern L. When you drive your focus should be on the road and not elsewhere. Mobile usage distracts the person who drives. Even research shows that with mobile usage there is an increased risk of accidents, 3 to 4 times greater.

4) Heart problems

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Cell phone radiation is not only linked to cancer but also to heart problems. In a study it was found that the radiation emitted by mobiles causes abnormalities in heart function.

5) Infertility

Yes! The men need to watch out as mobile phone usage leads to infertility in men. A study was done to clarify this and it was found that the men who used mobiles had a decreased sperm count.

6) Hearing impairment

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You can see most of the people with ear phones plugged in their ears and this can affect hearing. But it is not the only reason of increasing hearing loss. The radiation of the mobiles is also a factor that is turning people deaf. Studies say that exposure to electromagnetic field for a long time can reduce hearing ability. People who attend calls for about 2 hours a day are at a greater risk of impaired hearing than those who use the mobile for 10 to 20 minutes a day.

7) Eye problems

Apart from texting, people use their phone to surf the web and read e-books. This puts strain on the eyes as you have to look at the glaring screen and read stuff written in a small font size. As the screen size is small, you will try to open up your eyes wide open and blink lesser number of times. This can result in dry eyes, irritation and reddening.

8) Skin allergies

Swanky and classy looking phones with a metallic sheen contain nickel, chromium and cobalt that are skin allergens and can cause cell phone dermatitis. A study was done and it was found that most mobiles have nickel and cobalt in them.

9) Infections

Do you carry your phone to the washroom?? Many people do that. You shouldn’t carry it to your washroom as it may come in contact with infectious organisms that may affect you. They can become carriers of E.coli and bacteria that cause skin infections.

10) Stress

Stress is already there in your life and you are increasing it by being desperate to be available on the phone 24×7!

Negative effects of mobiles

Try to reduce your phone usage and live healthy!

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