Top 10 Tips On What to expect from your dietitian


dietitian      Top 10 Tips On What to expect from your dietitian

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This time let’s get down to the basic issue at hand, D.I.E.T. The dreaded “D” word. We all have been here long enough to know that weight-loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise. We have done it on our own, tried any new diet that hits the net or just the plain old no white things (milk, sugar,maida,salt) but how far have we reached on our weight-loss? A few of us have managed and most of us are struggling even with a balanced diet. Why does this happen? Well, everyone has a different body, it works for a few doesn’t mean it will work for all. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, we have experts in food and nutrition, they are known as dieticians or nutritionists. They are supposed to give you a proper diet as per your body type and medical history. I have been to a well-known dietician and did not find much help, maybe I didn’t exploit my potential enough or it was sheer ignorance on my part when it came to using her abilities to my rescue. Hence, those of you who are already working with a dietitian or have a plan to visit one, here is a list of things we must ask our dietitian, after all, this person will be in control of your food intake for a major time now!

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Getting on with our to-do list:

  • Check if your dietitian is a certified This is a basic check. If you don’t find her certificate on the walls of her office/clinic, ask for it!
  • Go for a medical check-up. Generally includes a Thyroid test, blood test, and sometimes an ovary sonography. Consult your PD on this one, let him know you want to lose weight and need to get a test done for reasons amounting to weight gain.
  • Do not hide any medical history. Many of us find it embarrassing to spill our beans on our medical reports, but do let your dietitian in on this one. It will help her understand your body functions and problem areas. Take your reports along.
  • Let her know your daily diet which you are currently taking. Also your likes/ dislikes. If you have a major sweet tooth or crave fried food. Anything specific needs to be communicated.

tips to choose dietician

  • Ask her to work around your likes more than your dislikes. For example, if you like sweet, ask her for an option of sweet in the plan, she will say no, but the likelihood of you not having a sweet is rare if you like sweets. So might as well say you would appreciate a sweet per day. A limit to intake would ensure no cheating and no craving resulting in major intake.
  • In case she gives you any medicines, ask what they are, and how they would be helpful to your diet. Do not take medicines blindly just because your dietitians said so!
  • In case of any side-effects, contact your dietitian immediately and let her know that you trust your dietitian. We all hate our dietician at some point for making us feel deprived, she may be strict with you, give you disappointing looks, be harsh sometimes. But just help her out. She is doing this for you, for you to learn good eating habits, you have reached out to her for the same, don’t ditch her in between, and work as a team.
  • You have any reaction to her diet or meds. She can help you out with antidote.
  • In case of weakness or hair fall or brittle nails consult your dietitian, ask prescription for multivitamins. Multivitamins are usually prescribed by the dietician along with the diet, but in case she doesn’t ask for it.
  • In case of functions or holidays when we binge eat, do not hide this from your dietician and opt for a only liquid diet next day, the probability of your dietitian knowing of your escapade is very high. Let her know in advance that you have a party coming up and can’t miss it, or you are going out to eat, she will give you options to have at the party or restaurant. And do not take, “skip the party” for an answer, you can’t go around skipping parties all your life. Ask her/him to work around it and give you options.

These are the 10 tips which will help you sail on a happy journey with your dietitian and get maximum results. I really wish I had someone to tell me this when I shelled out so much for a dietitian, things would have been different!

All the best on your journey and hope you get maximum benefits!

This is Pooja… signing off… BYEE J

Now you know all the top 10 tips on what to expect from your dietitian?


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