Top 10 Ways To Identify A Fad Diet


Top 10 Ways To Identify A Fad Diet

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The world of Fad Diet is badly crowded. There are so many so-called ‘health experts’ out there churning one weight loss diet after another. Your body is the temple of your soul and it is your primary duty to take good care of it. You cannot afford to lose it because of some fad diet.

signs of a fad diet

Now the question is how do you know whether the diet is a fad? Here I have jotted down some signs of a fad diet. It would be advisable to avoid such diets if any one of the following signs is found in it:

1. You can eat whatever you like and still lose weight

Weight loss requires either a decrease in the calorie intake or an increase in the calories burnt. If your diet plan allows junk food like fries, pizza, burgers and sugar loaded aerated drinks as much as you like then it might be just a fad. It sounds too good to be a true blue weight loss diet unless it has a super intensive workout plan to burn all the unwanted calories. Losing weight is sheer hard work and dedication. Most of the time you need to make healthy food choices. Though cheat meals are allowed once in a while you need to eat healthy.

2. No exercise is required

If your weight loss diet has no exercise in it, think again. For weight loss you require to burn more calories than you consume through food. Diets that ask you to be a couch potato and promise weight loss are most probably fads; they would drastically cut down on your food which is not good. Such diets deprive you of the benefits of exercising. Exercise is not only essential for weight loss but also for overall well being.

3. Eliminating a whole food group / foods that have high nutritional value

You might lose weight with such a diet as you’re calories are being cut down. However, you may develop nutritional deficiencies and energy levels may go down by eliminating an entire food group from your diet. A balanced diet is important for good health.

4. Advertised super pills that block fat absorption and suppress the appetite

A plenty of appetite suppressing pills are being touted on TV. Don’t fall for such ads as these products lack a scientific backing. They are a waste of many and can pose a threat to the health by messing up the body’s rhythm.

5. Unbelievably Rapid weight loss

Don’t get misled by diets claiming the loss of 10 kgs within 2 weeks. Health experts say that it dangerous to your health to lose weight rapidly. Loss of 1 kg a week is considered safe. Rapid weight loss diets can cause serious health problems in the long run.

fad diet signs- unbelievabe results

6. A weight loss plan that claims to be suitable for everybody

Each one of us is unique with our own body rhythms and metabolic needs. How can one plan be suitable for everybody? Your weight loss plan should suit your body type and activity level. It is advisable to visit a dietician so that he/she can make a good diet plan for you based on your body needs.

7. A diet that warns about eating particular food combinations at the same time.

The human body is such that it can digest any number of food combinations at the same time. Avoiding certain combinations of food are not going to help you lose weight. There is no scientific evidence to prove this logic of avoiding food combinations.

8. Diets suggesting that regular foods are bad and intake should be limited to a few specific foods.

If a diet asks you to give up a common food that is fresh and unprocessed, think again. Such diets don’t have a proper scientific backing. Limiting your diet may lead to nutrient deficiencies.

9. Plenty of enthusiastic testimonials from followers but lack of scientific evidence supporting the diet

If you happen to see a particular diet being advertised like crazy with lots of success stories, it is most probably fake. The people who claim to have lost weight are paid actors with photoshopped before and after pictures. Such diets are cleverly marketed as they lack scientific evidence. Certain diets are even endorsed by doctors on TV but in most cases, doctors are paid to do so.

10. Claims to be a ‘miracle’ weight-loss food

There is no such thing as a ‘miracle weight loss food’. Do not trust any diet that claims any path-breaking success in weight loss without sufficient scientific evidence.

I hope the above signs will help you find out whether a particular diet is a fad or a genuine scientifically backed diet. Always seek the help of professionals before adopting any diet. This can save you from serious health troubles.

Now can you spot out fad diets?