Top 12 Fitness Trends For 2015


Top 12 Fitness Trends For 2015

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The new year is here and it is time for a new beginning. If you are thinking what your new year’s resolution should be, here is some help! Try something new in case your resolution is about health, fitness and well being. Here are a few latest fitness trends that you should be on a look out for this year!

Boutique fitness

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‘Boutique fitness’ the name seems stylish! It offers a personal approach to fitness along with a luxurious ambience. Highly specific workout studios are popping up for workouts such as aerial yoga, underwater cycling, indoor rowing and many others.

Boot camps

Bootcamp Workout-fitness trends 2015

More and more men and women are choosing fitness boot camps. It is a military style training that includes cardio, endurance, strength and flexibility training. Fitness boot camps improve a person’s strength and endurance. These are perfect for those who like intense and complex workouts.


Telemetry- fitness trends 2015

This trend of telemetry is catching up fast with fitness freaks. It involves the use of pulse monitors, wristbands that log daily activity and movements and other devices that can be worn. Workouts based on competition are also in vogue especially in group fitness classes like running or cycling, where details of every person’s performance are listed on a board. When your performance details are listed publicly, you will try your best to perform well, won’t you?

Organised dance parties

Masala Bhangra-New Weight Loss Workout (2)

Organised dance parties are a blend of fitness and yoga with DJs and dance music. Dance party workouts are a pleasant and fun-filled approach to fitness. It is like fun meets fitness. You will feel as if you are in a party and this dance workout will increase your heart rate, work out the core and help your muscles burn in the best way possible.

Group personal training

group training-fitness trends 2015

Group personal training is a wonderful way to be economical and fill your workouts with fun! A lot of personal trainers are providing group training packages these days. When the trainer trains 3 to 4 people at a time, it is cost effective for both the clients and the trainer. A gang of friends can hire a personal trainer, this will keep them fit and also ensure a rocking social life.

Online workouts

Online workouts-fitness trends 2015

Online workouts are becoming popular these days as it is convenient for you to work out in the comfort of your own home. Those who hate going to the gym or don’t have access to one can seek refuge in online workouts. Lots of people do their workouts with the help of videos on YouTube. The social media is actively into fitness these days.

Wellness coaching

slogan-smoking harmful effects on women

Wellness coaching involves management of weight, disease prevention and rehabilitation. Wellness coaches motivate clients and provide tools to help them in achieving physical and emotional health goals. The goals can be losing weight, eating healthy, relieving stress or saying goodbye to bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking.

Short workouts

kettlebell benefits workout

In today’s world, life is busy. People are running from pillar to post for their livelihood. If one has to squeeze in a workout plan, it ought to be a short one. This is why we are seeing several short workouts with time durations that range from anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes.

HIIT- High-intensity interval training

interval-training 1

High-intensity interval training has short exercise periods that are followed by a short rest interval. Most of the HIIT programs are done in less than thirty minutes.

Fitness for children

child obesity india

Childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and this has brought in a lot of fitness programs designed especially for kids. Such programs encourage parents and kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness for the elderly

old-lady-weight-training for fitness

Getting the elderly fit and active is essential so that they are not affected by diseases. Fitness programs appropriate for their age are designed by health and fitness professionals.

Strength training

seated-dumbbell-press-shoulder strengthening

Strength training is not new but it is the most emphasized workout. It forms an essential part of an individual’s workout routine. It may vary based on gender.

Ready to try a new way of working out this year?

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