Top 12 Fruits and Veggies for Juicing And their health benefits


Top 12 Fruits and Veggies for Juicing And their health benefits

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Have you ever been in a fix as to which fruit you should use for making a juice? Choosing from a wide variety of fruits available can be a little difficult. Here is a list of good fruit and veggies that are ideal for juicing as they offer a lot of health benefits.

Top 12 Fruits and Veggies for Juicing And their health benefits

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1) Apples

apple_for diabetics

Having a chockfull of nutrients and antioxidants, apples are the best for juicing. They blend along pretty well with any other fruit or veggie. It can mellow down any strongly flavoured juice thus is a good base. It cleanses the digestive system, lowers cholesterol, boosts immunity and helps digesting fats.

2) Pineapples

pineapple_tummy flattening foods

Pineapples add a tropical zing to juices. They are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in nature. They have an enzyme that helps the body in digesting protein.

3) Papaya

papaya for flat tummy

Papaya is great for digestion. It has an enzyme that helps in breaking down protein. Papaya has lots of vitamin C in it and is anti-cancer in nature. It tastes better in smoothies than in juices.

4) Tomatoes


Tomatoes taste good and blend well with veggies. They are good for health as they have anti-cancer properties and are good for the heart.

5) Berries

Berrries for diabetics

Brightly coloured berries are always a good choice for juicing. You can choose anything – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or black currants. They are loaded with antioxidants. They are generally anti-microbial in nature. They may not be easy to juice but because of their goodness they should be added to your juice.

6) Cabbage

cabbage nutrition facts

I know! It would taste horrible if you juice it alone. You have got to mask its taste with the help of some other yummy fruit. Cabbage is a wonderful detoxifier. It is very good for the stomach especially for ulcers. It fights cancer, balances estrogen and regulates metabolism.

7) Broccoli


It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. It regulates blood sugar and insulin. If you don’t like the taste of the veggie consider juicing it and masking its taste with the juice of tomato.

8) Celery

celery for juicing health benefits

This lesser known veggie (in India) has a lot of benefits to offer. It lower blood pressure, helps alleviate water retention in the body, is an excellent diuretic and helps in detoxifying the body.

9) Carrots

superfood carrot weight loss

When juiced, carrots are deliciously sweet. They are packed with nutrients. They tend to blend well with other juices like that of apples. Together they are a power packed combo! The high beta carotene content in carrots makes it beneficial for the brain and skin. Carrots fight cancer, protect arteries and boost immunity.

10) Cranberries

cranberry_tummy flattening foods

If you are able to get your hands on cranberries do consider including it in your diet. While juicing them, try to add another fruit like grapes or apple as cranberries can be sour. They protect the bladder and kidneys from bacteria and deodourise the urine. They prevent kidney stones too.

11) Citrus fruits

Orange- for diabetics

The most sought after fruits for juicing are the citrus ones. They have lots of vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids in them that help protect against cancer. They are anti-bacterial and anti-viral. They are good for cardiovascular health too. They are so delicious that they add a distinct flavour to any kind of juice.

12) Wheat-grass


The juice of wheat grass is considered to be extremely healthy. It increases the count of red blood cells, neutralizes free radicals, helps DNA repair. It contains a lot of enzymes and is nutrient dense. I can actually go on and on with its health benefits. It can be grown at home and juiced or can be purchased from the market. Read more about growing wheat grass at home and juicing it- click here!

All set to try out these juicing these fruits and veggies??

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