Top 14 Foods That Help Weight Gain

health benefits of nuts

Top 14 Foods That Help Weight Gain

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On our blog there is always a focus on weight loss and that is because a lot of people are struggling to lose weight. But are you aware of a group of people who are underweight and have to face humiliation due to their tiny frame? The sad part is that such people are left unguided. They mostly resort to random supplements and unhealthy junk food in order to pie on kilos. If you want to gain weight, you need choose nutrient dense and calorie dense foods. Here is a list of natural foods that will help you gain weight the healthy way.

Top 14 Foods That Help Weight Gain

1) Salmon

salmon for good skin

Salmon fish is considered to be good for weight gain. Take 2 portions of salmon a day. You will get ample amounts of protein from it too.

2) Tuna

tuna fish 10 foods poisonous

Tuna fish has vital fatty acids that have healthy fats and they not only help in weight gain but also help in maintaining physical well being.

3) Peanut butter

american garden peanut butter india (1)

Do you love eating toasts? Well, you can smear them with soft and salty peanut butter. It is high in protein and it approximately offers 192 calories.

4) Whole eggs

eggs nutritious weight reduce

Eggs are healthy food. They are packed with protein, good cholesterol, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. And the best part is that they are cheap and widely available. You can go in for organic eggs too if you want to.

5) Butter


Butter is associated with long term weight gain. However, this does not mean that you should start downing large quantities of it! Consume butter in the right amounts and don’t go overboard. Butter has a lot of other health benefits to offer too.

6) Cheese

Mozzarella cheese- 4 Famous Types Of Cheeses

Cheese is a yummy way to gain weight. Just one serving of cheddar cheese has 69 calories! Cheese being a dairy product is high in calcium, protein, cholesterol and fat. Slices and cubes of processed cheese can make a good snack whenever you feel hungry!

7) Whole wheat bread

whole grain bread ornish diet

You need to choose whole wheat bread instead of white sandwich bread. You will be eating healthy and at the same time putting on kilos. You can make a peanut butter sandwich or a cheese sandwich for yourself and have it as an evening snack.

8) Dried foods

Dried_prunes health benefits

If you happen to eat dried fruits instead of fresh fruits, you will be consuming more calories. Dried fruits will provide you with essential nutrients and help you gain weight. Eating dried fruits is a great way of getting quick calories.

9) Oats

oatmeal oats type

Having a bowl of oats for breakfast is nutritionally very filling. They are high in fibre and have loads of vital nutrients to offer to the body. You can have them with milk or as oats upma with a lot of veggies. To know more about oats click here!

10) Yoghurt

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings curd

Consume yoghurt that is made from full fat milk. You can add fruits to bring in a flavour and make it more tasty. It will help you gain weight quickly. Ironically, yoghurt can also help in weight loss!!!

11) Healthy fats and oils

olive oil

Adding extra amount of fat to your food is the best way to add calories to your meal. Choose olive oil that is regarded as one of the healthiest fat available. Apart from adding calories it helps in maintaining good health too.

12) Bananas

bananas_tummy flattening foods

A normal sized banana has approximately 100 calories. Apart from being rich in carbs and nutritious they are a wonderful workout fuel. It is a good pre-workout meal option. Easy to carry around it can be your anytime and anywhere snack!

13) Nuts and seeds

health benefits of nuts

If you want to add healthy calories to your diet, you should consider nuts and seeds as they contain polyunsaturated fats. Almonds, walnuts and seeds of pumpkin are good for health.

14) Potatoes

sweet potato vs white potato-which is better

Consuming grilled or baked potatoes are good for quick weight gain. Potatoes have lots of complex sugars and carbs in them.

Hope the list of Top 14 Foods That Help Weight Gain is useful!

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