Top 4 Fitness Props You Should Know About


Top 4 Fitness Props You Should Know About

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Are you a newbie at the gym and have no clue about what is going on? Are you constantly wondering what piece of equipment your gym mate is using? Well, there is always a first time and you needn’t feel low. Your gym trainer will make you get comfortable with each and every gym equipment and tool but that would take time. You must really be intimidated to get your hands on the piece of fitness equipment and try it out yourself. If you are the curious kind, this post will help you learn about the famous fitness tools so that you can use them in your next gym session with full confidence.

The foam roller

Foam Roller Exercise

After a tough workout you need to do something to soothe your muscles and the gym roller is a gym tool that does just that. Apart from giving yourself a mini-massage, using the foam roller the right way helps loosen muscles that have become stiff and it prevents future injury. You can learn more about the foam roller here-click! While foam rollers are most often used by endurance runners, anyone who goes to the gym will be benefitted by spending time rolling out stiff muscles either before or after your workout. Doesn’t it sound like a wonder tool!


Kettle bells benefits

If you don’t have the time for an elaborate workout but want the best of both cardio and strength training from a single workout, you must use kettlebells. Kettlebells are not something new in the fitness world but there are women who feel awkward using kettlebells when they are already using dumbbells or weight machines. Kettlebells are kind of cute and give you a complete workout. To know more about kettlebells click here! You can even buy one for yourself and exercise at the comfort of your home when you can’t go to the gym.

The BOSU ball

BOSU ball-6 exercises with the BOSU ball

The BOSU ball is not exactly a ball. It is a ball cut in half or a hemisphere to be precise. Using the big BOSU ball, you can give each and every exercise an extra zing. If you have not used this gym tool then you are really missing out on something. The giant blue dot is instrumental in enhancing your workout. When you use the BOSU ball, even basic and common exercises become challenging as you are constantly forced to balance yourself and stabilize your core. If you are bored of regular exercises, try incorporating the BOSU ball in your routine. To know more about the BOSU ball read this- click!

Medicine ball

wood chops exercise 1

Just like the BOSU ball, the medicine ball is a wonderful tool that helps transforming routine gym exercises. The ball has a weight and the purpose is to add extra resistance to the basic moves and challenging hand-eye coordination at the same time. Medicine ball is used in so many exercises just to increase their level.

So people, these were the top 4 fitness props you should know about!

Do share your experience with the above mentioned props.

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