Top 4 Health Benefits Of Clay Water Pot


Top 4 Health Benefits Of Clay Water Pot

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Water is essential for our existence and we should have access to clean water for our daily activities. When you talk about drinking water, you need to be extra cautious. Nowadays most of us drink mineral water or the one from the RO purifier and store it in plastic bottles. In olden times everybody used to drink from the clay pot or earthen pot and they were a way lot healthier than us 😉 Can you believe that by just changing the way the water is stored, you can make it healthy!

Clay pot water health benefits

Drinking water from a clay pot or matka has a lot of health benefits to offer. If you didn’t drink water from the clay pot or earthen pot then you are missing out on the health benefits it has to offer. Clay pot water is healthier than the one stored in steel, plastic and glass containers.

Hop on to find out the benefits!

1) It cools down water naturally

According to scientists, storing water in a matka is the best way of storing and cooling it. Clay pots provide healing benefits along with cooling the water down. The water stored in a clay pot gets cooled down depending on the climate. It is such a unique quality, right? It is said that no other container possesses the same qualities. You can find the difference between water chilled by the clay pot and the one chilled by the fridge.

Here is a bit about the cooling process: Clay is porous. Similarly, a clay pot is porous. Evaporation happens when water is stored in it. This causes cooling as the water particles tend to gain energy in the form of heat and then get changed to gas and are mixed with air. Moisture and heat circulate in the pot which is totally opposite of the metal and enamel crockery used by most people today.

2) It improves the metabolism

Storing water in plastic containers is not safe as harmful chemicals such as BPA in plastic, pose a health hazard by clinging to the water molecules. The traditional clay pot is the best way of storing water. Drinking water from the clay pot helps in improving the body’s metabolism and is devoid of harmful chemicals like BPA. Clay pot water tastes very natural, is pleasantly chilled and is good for health.

clay pots health benefits

3) Alkaline nature of clay is good for health

Clay pots are alkaline in nature. This alkaline nature of clay acts on the acidity of water and provides the needed pH balance. Water stored in a clay pot helps in reducing acidity in the body and provides relief from gastric trouble. This is a remarkable benefit of drinking water from the clay pot. Cooking acidic food like meat or boiling milk in a clay pot helps in neutralizing the acidic nature.

4) It is gentle on your throat

You would have been always chided for drinking water from the fridge after playing under the Sun. Your elders would have asked you to have it from the earthen pot instead! At that point of time you would have wondered why they say so, actually it is to avoid you from getting sick by the sudden change in temperature. The water stored in the clay pot is naturally cooled so it is not harsh on the throat. People who are down with cold and cough can comfortably drink the cold water from the earthen pot.

Taking care of clay pots

You should make sure that you change the water stored in it regularly and clean the earthen pot once in 3 days.

Going to drink water from the clay pot?

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