Top 4 Myths About Power Yoga


Top 4 Myths About Power Yoga

Hi all,

Are you lately hearing a lot of suggestions on how to take up a power yoga session; and is everyone showing off that how power yoga is the new “in” thing? Has everyone around you been saying how normal yoga without a fancy prefix is definitely not for weight loss. India has been improvising but only to follow what is more commercially viable. I am not saying power yoga is something wrong, all I am saying is that the concepts about is wrong. let me tell some straight facts and which will help you understand that the slow not so powerful yoga is very good for you.

1. Because you sweat, thus it is good for you:

BikramYogaJust because you sweat like a pig while doing the super fast “Shatabdi” express yoga does not mean you lose weight, release toxins et all. The idea is to learn a posture correctly with ample time and in a comfortable environment. Mind you the sweat released during a power yoga session is water, salts etc which are essential minerals in the body. The toxins are released from the kidney, liver and colon (and you know how). Thus, more the sweat, more the weight loss is not any good.

2. Super fast metabolism with power yoga:


Why would you get a firing up meta with power yoga and normal yoga will keep you as it is. Well, metabolism fires up when you build up muscles and there are many other dietary ways also. But how in the world helps you fire up metabolism I really don’t understand. I hate to break the bubble but power yoga as advertised is a shattering practise which is making everyone fall in to the trap. I suggest not to break your bones with this and learn yoga at a centre which does not propagate weight loss. If you follow yoga religiously, weight loss will come naturally.

3. Can be harmful to your back and knees:

pain-behind-kneeThe quick successive Asanas are not only going to damage your knees but can be wrong for your posture also. Don’t fall into the quick weight loss trap, it is not going to do any good, since you are not learning the correct posture. No true yoga guru will say that doing 108 Surya namaskars will give you a wonderful body. It comes with lot of practise, I am not saying that don’t do 108 surya namaskars, but first learn your way to doing ten.

4. Become super slim with power yoga:

yoga slimsI have also fallen into the trap, where I went to a class where we did power yoga which could almost kill you 😛 the idea of that class was to do everything in quick succession and no attention was given if my posture was right or not! The true yogi always believes in achieving the correct way of doing a particular pose, and the correct and true meaning behind power yoga can be, where you hold asanas for a longer time, where you do yoga in its intense form and you concentrate on your breathing.

I suggest you to do what suits your body and with yoga, it can be beneficial to anyone,  whether you are flexible or not, slim or not, young or not.

till then stay powerful,


Have your myths busted about power yoga?

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