Top 4 Sports That Aid Weight Loss


Top 4 Sports That Aid Weight Loss

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Are you overweight and are trying to lose it by keeping a check on your diet? Let me tell you that by mere dieting you can’t lose weight, you have to exercise too. Burning more calories than you consume is very important for weight loss. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, physical activity has reduced a lot.

Are you skeptical about joining the gym? Don’t worry many people are! Doing the same kind of exercises everyday is bound to bore you. There is a solution to this problem! You need not go to the gym but can still get ample physical exercise. How? By playing a sport!

Come on now! You might have played at least one sport in your childhood. Just bring those memories back. After all, who can hate sports? Fortunately there is a deep interconnection between sports and weight loss. To lose weight fast, you can choose to play any of the following sports:


football- sports that aid weight loss

Football means ninety minutes of constant action. Weight loss is quite a logical consequence of this game. When compared to cricket, football is a more demanding game as it won’t give you the time to catch your breath. In cricket you can pause in between but in football you can’t. You will practically be running all round the field. You will lose weight faster due to all the running around you do on the football field. To play football you need to have stamina but you can build that up slowly.


woman playing sport for fitness

Tennis is a sport that needs power and speed. This is probably the reason why it will help you lose weight faster. You need to be quick and cover the ground. The weight of the tennis racket is so much that it is enough to test the strength of your muscles. Tennis is best for you if you want toned arms. Weight loss and tennis complement each other. However, you can’t get a size zero figure with tennis :P. To be a tennis star you need a bit of bulk and strong arms. Play it just as a casual game if weight loss is your aim! It will definitely help you lose weight and get you toned as it makes you run, bend and lift all the while.

Beach games

Beach volleyball- sports that aid weight loss

Playing volleyball or football at the beach is quite calorie consuming. It will help shed the unwanted fat under your skin. Have ever noticed that running on the beach puts extra strain on your feet than running on the ground? You need to put extra effort in pulling your feet out of the sand each time. This will help in weight loss. Whatever sport you play at the beach will be fun as the sea breeze will not make you feel the heat.


types of swimming

Last but not the least is swimming. There has never been a sport like swimming that can help one lose weight. People who swim regularly tend to gain weight when they leave swimming! This sport is a high energy sport that needs you to use every muscle in your body just to remain afloat. The best thing about swimming is that it helps in toning every part of the body equally so that you get a superbly perfect figure. In this sport you have to fight for your life too! You may ask how?? Well you have to swim so that you don’t drown in the water!

Now get going and play your favourite sport!

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