Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea


5 Benefits of Green Tea

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Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

I considered Green Tea to be just another modern day fad till I realized its great health benefits. Green Tea has been around in Chinese culture for centuries and quite recently people have started valuing this beverage for the manifold benefits it has. So if you are trying to lose weight and want to avoid any radical diet changes then green tea is your best friend. Make green tea a part of your daily liquid intake and you feel the difference within a few days. This type of tea rejuvenates you and lightens up your day without making you feel heavy or sluggish like many caffeine rich beverages tend to. Green Tea does have an acquired taste but fortunately today there are various variations and flavors of green tea available to be compatible with any taste palate.

Green tea and weight loss benefits

The relationship between green tea and weight is closer than you would think. Maybe that is why if you notice people from Chinese cultures for whom green tea is staple, have very low body fat.

If you are trying to loser weight to fit into your skinny jeans then green tea can aid you in the effort. The only thing that keeps you fit and helps you lose weight without much effort is green tea. It has been recorded that drinking green tea from 2 to several times a day for a period of as less than three months can help you lose 5 % of body fat. Green tea can really be called a wonder drink or a magic potion for its benefits and cures. Green tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is simple to make. Just dip a tea bag in hot water and you are good to go. You can dip as long as you want for the desired taste and strength.

There are enough recipes and variations of the drink available. So don’t be afraid to experiment and you will enjoy the drink as well as its benefits without making any conscious or tedious efforts.

Hidden Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Green Tea has various bio-active nutrients that benefit health

Green tea is loaded with Polyphenols that act as anti oxidants once they are consumed. These act as free agents in the blood to arrest the damage to molecules and arrest degeneration of cells and aging.

  1. Green Tea makes you smarter.

Green Tea like  any other beverage has some amount of caffeine. So it does wake you up , so to say, but at the same time it has something known as L-theanine which perks up your brain activity.

  1. Green tea fights infection

Green tea has bacteria fighting properties that actually serve to clean your teeth and your system and fight against tooth decay, cavities and infection.

  1. Green tea benefits type 2 diabetics

Green Tea has been recorded to control blood sugar levels and therefore is beneficial in keeping type 2 diabetes at bay.

  1. Green Tea reduces chances of cardio-vascular diseases and cancer

Most of the benefits of green tea go hand in hand. For example, by reducing body fat, you are actually fighting the risks of obesity and several obesity related diseases such as cholesterol, cardio vascular diseases and some types of cancer too. This of course increases your chances of having a longer healthier life.

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As a parting note I would like to add that none of these factors acts in isolation. To be healthy you need exercise, healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

These are Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea, if you know of any more, do let us know.

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