Top 5 Food Swaps That Are Healthy


Top 5 Food Swaps That Are Healthy

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When you have made up your mind to lose weight, you must be ready to tread through rough paths. But with a few food swaps you can make the journey easier. Yes, you can still have what you enjoy eating but with a twist! Adopt healthy eating habits with the following food swaps!

Top 5 Food Swaps That Are Healthy

Food swap no 1: Pasta or noodles swapped with zoodles

zoodles- Top 5 food swaps that are healthy

Love your bowl of pasta or noodles? Well, what if you can have something healthy that look like noodles? You can cut zucchini in long strips and have them as your noodles! It might seem weird but it is a good option as you will be having a healthy bowl of veggies that are very important for weight loss. If you don’t like zucchini there is no issue at all. You can cut veggies like cabbage or beetroot into strips and enjoy! Add in your own favourite condiments and take a step towards healthy living.

Food swap no 2: French fries swapped with baked fries

baked fries Top 5 food swaps that are healthy

When it comes to healthy eating, potato has received a lot of negative reviews. You see, it isn’t the potato that is bad for health. It is the oil and excess salt in your French fries that are unhealthy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fries. Just bake them by brushing oil on top and add lesser salt. You can leave on the skin of the potato to get extra nutrients. If you happen to have an air fryer, things have become easier you as you can make your fries in the air fryer. Have a look at what all you can make using an air fryer here and here! You can try making fries out of sweet potato too with minimal oil.

Food swap no 3: Butter swapped with hummus

hummus recipe without tahini

Though butter is a healthy fat you can switch to hummus! Instead of applying butter on your toast or sandwich try hummus. It is healthier option made up of chickpeas. It is a great source of protein and tastes yummy too. Here is a recipe of hummus- click! There are a lot of variations to hummus too like avocado hummus and rajma hummus.

Food swap no 4: Soft drinks swapped with lemonade

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Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial colours and lots of chemicals. There is no point in having them as they only harm you in the long run. You can make yourself a humble glass of lemonade at home instead. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. Just skip the sugar and add stevia which is a good natural sweetener. You can also add honey to it. Lemonade is a very refreshing drink for the summers. So, this season quench your thirst with a glass of chilled lemonade!

Food swap no 5: Croutons in soup swapped with nuts

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You can avoid adding fried croutons to you soups and salads. I know that they are tasty but they are not healthy. You can add that extra crunch to you soup and salad by adding in chopped nuts. They will make your soup look pretty too :P. Nuts are definitely a lot more nutritious than croutons. They have several vitamins and minerals to offer. Add walnuts, almonds, pine nuts to your salad or soup and enjoy!

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