Top 5 Foods For Weight Gain


Foods that help you gain weight

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A lot of people won’t be too interested in reading this post but if you are here it means that you are yearning to gain weight just like how I am doing! In this world you will get a lot of weight loss tips but when it comes to weight gain people will only give you weird tips like ‘don’t do any work!’, ‘eat lots of sweets and fried stuff’. I tried all of them only to end up with acidity! (That was way back in class 11). Now I am trying to eat healthy homemade food and doing a bit of cardio (as in dancing). I have gained 1.5 kgs successfully in the last 3 months but I have miles to go to reach my goal!

For all of you out there wanting to gain weight, here is a bit of help! Nutritionists are of the opinion that initially you should start increasing appetite. Go steady and don’t ever try to stuff yourself with too much in one sitting. Just add an extra roti or a little more rice to your plate than what you normally consume. You can also begin by increasing your daily fruit intake. Here are the top 5 foods that you should include in your diet to gain weight:

Top 5 Foods For Weight Gain

1) Milk

Milk nutrition facts

Milk is wonderful source of protein and carbs. Along with that it contains a lot of other nutrients and it can be helpful in weight gain. A 100 ml glass of milk has 3.4 gram of protein and if drink 2 glasses each day, you would get a solid 14 g of protein. Go in for full fat milk instead of skimmed milk. However, some individuals are lactose intolerant, for such people milk is a not advisable.

2) Energy bars

DIY Super Easy Energy Bar Recipe no 7

Energy bars such as granola bars would not be a very good option if you are on a weight loss spree but it is great for those who want to gain a few kilos! Granola bars are loaded with nuts and calories and can help in adding on some weight if consumed moderately. You can have a bar as an evening snack to fill your belly. Choose the one that has less sugar content in it as sugar is not good for health at all.

3) Banana

bananas_tummy flattening foods

Bananas are often recommended for those who want to gain weight. A single banana can contain upto 105 calories and is an instant energy source. It also has a lot of carbs that make it the best post-workout food. You will find tennis players eating bananas in between the games. They do so to get instant energy.

4) Butter


If you love butter and at the same time want to put on weight, simply include it in your diet. It is rich in fat, 100 g of butter has 81 g of fat. However you should not go overboard with it as most of it is saturated fat.

5) Potatoes

sweet potato vs white potato-which is better

When you are trying to gain weight, around 40% of your diet should comprise of carbs. Potatoes are rich carbs and contain amino acids such as glutamine and arginine making them a great food option for people who want to gain weight.

Try including the food mentioned above and you will be able to gain some weight. Just like weight loss, even gaining weight can be hard and may take time. Don’t lose hope, just keep trying!

Hope this post was useful!

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