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Top 5 Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Modern life is all about technology. Till a few years back, I could never think of exercising with music like walking with bpm based music or using a pedometer for walking and counting steps. But today workouts without technological assistance are unthinkable. Those who have iPhones keep looking for various apps for tracking activities. Here today in a three posts series I am going to introduce the best five activity tracking apps for iPhones. Android phones and Windows based phones.

Best 5  Apps for iPhone

If you are a fitness conscious person who owns an iPhone and want to get in shape tracking your workouts with the help of your phone then activity tracker apps for iPhone are a great way to help you get in shape. There are many App Store apps available that simply use the GPS in your iPhone to monitor and track steps, calories burned, and other related details.

Moves (Free)

moves iphone

‘Moves’ automatically records any activity, walking, cycling and running you do. You can view the distance, duration, steps, and calories burned for each activity. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it. You just have to keep your phone in your pocket or your bag. As you launch it and give access to your location it begins tracking.  ‘Moves’ tracks steps by default and creates a virtual map of your day. It can pull locations in from Foursquare for you to be able to name them for your future use.

One of the big drawbacks of app is that it runs in the background on your phone and sucks the life out of your battery. The app consumes battery power, so for running ‘Moves’ you certainly should have enough battery power to last all day. There is an optional Battery Saving Mode in ‘Moves’ for iPhone that can help save up to 40% of battery. Still overnight charging is required.

If you want a general basic tracker that knows exactly what you’re doing whenever you have your iPhone on you, Moves is a perfect option.

Runkeeper (Free)


‘RunKeeper’ is mainly for tracking workouts and these workouts can be anything from walking to running, cycling or even mountain climbing. RunKeeper is not for general steps and distance. It’s a perfect app for runners who are training for marathons as it tracks your pace. If you want to track your personal records and set goals for yourself, whether it be a weight loss goal, a distance goal or something else, RunKeeper is a good App for it.

If you don’t much care about general purpose tracking and strictly want to log workouts and training sessions, RunKeeper is what you want. You can then view your past goals, set future ones, and see which ones you achieved and which ones you didn’t.

If your main focus is continuously setting goals, RunKeeper is a good choice.

Argus (Free)

argusArgus is a combination of both a daily step counter and a workout monitor. Argus logs daily steps and lets you set goals for yourself. You can log workouts too. If you have an iPhone 5s, Argus supports the M7 processor so very little battery life is used. There’s also a sleep tracker built right in so you can monitor your sleep cycles. There is no need for any wristband or accessory. You can also set the badge icon to show your current step count.

Argus is engineered for minimal power consumption and run 24/7 in the background. However continued use of GPS running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.

If you want versatility combined with general purpose activity monitoring, get Argus.

Pedometer++ (Free)

pedoplusplus‘Pedometer++’ is one of the most basic step counters you’ll find available in the App Store and is built around the M7 motion co-processor of the iPhone 5s. That means this one is for 5s users only. There are no frills or add-ons. It’s literally a pedometer and nothing more. You get an overview of how many steps you’ve taken in the past seven days, a look at your progress for today, and a list view of past days. Like ‘Argus’, you can also set the badge icon to show your current step count. If you don’t want to spend any extra money on a pedometer and you have an iPhone 5s and want a simple, no frills step counter, ‘Pedometer++’ is your best bet.

Pacer (Freemium)

pacer app

‘Pacer’, is one app that also works on the iPhone 4s. It is good as it helps you track health metrics like weight and blood pressure. It even has a playlist feature and health plans to help you be more active. Though some reviewers found the playlist feature buggy to work on the 5s.

‘Pacer’ has a main screen that shows step count for the day, time and  calories burned. In this screen you can see your daily activity level and progress. Swiping right from the goal data shows a graph of that day’s activity. You just need to swipe to go to different session data where you can tap a button to start a session—for when you go on a run or a long walk.

‘Pacer’ has three built in fitness plans: Couch To 10K Steps, Walk 4 Weight Loss, and Build Your Own Plan. All these plans offer different goals for you to aim for. There is group option which lets you compete against friends. The “more” section has syncing options to MyFitnessPal and backing up your data. But there is no map of the track to show, which you might feel a weak point in this app.

Which out of these top 5 pedometer apps for iPhone are you going to use?

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