Top 5 Simple Exercises To Lose Weight


Top 5 Simple Exercises To Lose Weight

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You must be well aware of the fact that to lose weight you need to eat healthy increasing and exercise on a regular basis. Exercising helps burn calories and builds muscles, which is vital for increasing your metabolism. An increase in metabolism means that you will burn more calories and lose more weight.

So, without any further delay just pick up your workout clothes and try any one of the exercises mentioned below to lose weight. Soon you will discover a healthier and slimmer you.

1) Walking

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

Walking is considered to be one of the best exercises for weight loss. And the plus point is that you hardly need any equipment for it other than a pair of walking shoes.

The biggest benefit of walking is that it is a low impact exercise and this means that it won’t hurt your knees or cause any kind of stress injuries that can get you out of action for weeks or months. So, walking is a safe exercise!

People who have certain health issues including heart disease and obesity will find walking an effective activity that can improve their overall health and also mental well being.

Hear your favourite music and get ready for a brisk stroll in your neighbourhood or park. If you happen to live close to your work place, try to make walking your mode of transportation. You can see your fat melt away. Going to office by walk is the best thing to do!

2) Swimming

Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues swimming

If you know how to swim, it is the best way of losing weight and toning your body. Swimming is a low impact exercise that strengthens, conditions and tones the entire body. It is good for people who have arthritis, obesity or any kind of musculoskeletal conditions.

Active swimming can burn 400 to 700 calories per hour! Swimming involves all the muscle groups of the body. The best part is that even if you don’t know how to swim, you can lose weight by propelling yourself from end of the pool to another. It is an exercise in itself!

3) Cycling

Top Exercises To Lose Weight bicycling

Cycling is a great low-impact activity that helps in weight loss. You can easily burn 372 to 1100 calories in an hour depending on your speed, your weight and the terrain you have chosen for cycling. Cycling is easy on the joints and even those who are out of shape can cycle several miles without feeling stressed out.

Doing outdoor cycling is the best because you will get to ride on varied terrains that will help you in getting a good cardio workout. You can even ride your cycle to work if the distance is less. Cycling to work releases endorphins, boosts metabolism and also saves your petrol! 😛

You can even try spinning if your gym offers it. It is effective in burning calories and increasing your metabolism. If you attend an hour long spinning class, you will cover about 20 miles and reach speeds that are not possible to touch when riding an actual bike outdoors.

4) Elliptical trainer

Top Exercises To Lose Weight Elliptical trainer

Working out on the elliptical trainer at the gym or at home, offers a low impact workout for the whole body. The elliptical trainer is easier on the joints when compared to a treadmill. It also has movable handles that enable you to get an upper body workout too. In one hour an average person can burn up to 600 calories. For people suffering from obesity, arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, the elliptical trainer is a great exercising option as there is no risk of impact injuries.

While using the elliptical trainer hold onto the movable handles as this will increase the calorie burn and will help in toning the arms.

5) Running

running practice India

Running has its own benefits. It burns around 600 calories in an hour, helps in building strong bones and connective tissue. It also gets your heart pump at a healthy rate and this prevents heart disease, stroke and certain kinds of cancers. You don’t require any equipment for running, just a cool pair of running shoes would do! You can carry an iPod along if you love music.

You can try interval training to increase the number of calories you are burning. In interval training there are short spurts (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes) of running at top speed.

According to experts you need not stretch before you run. You can just march at the same place by bringing the knees high up or walk for 5 minutes to warm up. As running is a high impact exercise, it can affect your joints. Thus, choosing the right running shoe is of great importance.

Go ahead, try these exercises and lose weight!

Hope you found this post useful!

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