Top 5 Vitamin A Rich Foods


Top 5 Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamin is an organic compound which is very important for the treatment of certain health problems. It mostly cannot be synthesized by us but is required in our daily life activities in sufficient quantities. At present there are thirteen vital vitamins recognized and classified by their chemical activity. Among all vitamins, vitamin A plays an important role. Vitamin A scientifically called as Retinol or retinal.

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Vitamin A is essential among all the vitamins because it is required in vision, great skin texture, gene transcription, and also boosts immunity function because it is an antioxidant also. Deficiency of this vitamin may be lead to night blindness, keratomalacia and increased viral infections, eye inflammations and dry eyes. It is a major cause in developing countries for blindness in children.

Since vitamins are essential but their quantity how much we are taking is also very important. Over consumption also lead to hair loss, jaundice, nausea, irritability, loss of appetite and vomiting. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin so people wisely take it accompanying fat to have optimal absorption. The average percent daily value for Vitamin A is 5000 international units (IU).

  1. Carrots

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Taking daily plenty of carrots can improve your vision. It supplements the body with a  200% of the average person’s Vitamin A needs for the day. Carrots also a great source of Vitamins C, K, B, magnesium and rich in fiber.

Serving Size (1 medium), 10191 IU of Vitamin A (204% DV), 25 calories.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato

For early American settlers sweet potatoes were the main sources of vitamin A. They are still enjoying for its sweetness and rich nutrient contents. One medium sweet potato supplies an incredible 438% of the average adult requirement by adding only 103 calories to your stomachful diet.

Serving Size (1 medium), 21909 IU of Vitamin A (438% DV), 103 calories.

  1. Cod Liver Oil

Fish Oil Capsules for weight loss

Many people uses Cod liver oil supplement for vitamins and minerals. It is available in both liquid and capsule form plus vitamin A, and Omega 3 fatty acids. A tablespoon of cod liver oil is sufficient for daily intake of vitamin A.

Serving Size: (1 tablespoon), 14000 IU of Vitamin A (280% DV), 126 calories.

  1. Red Pepper

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By adding red pepper in daily intake of food an impressive 42% of recommended is fulfilled. It not only supplements you but also add flavor to your meals.

Serving Size (1 tablespoon), 2081 IU of Vitamin A (42% DV), 16 calories.

  1. Apricots Fresh & Dried

apricot source of vitamin A

From three fresh Apricots we can get 45 percent Vitamin A, 2 percent  iron along with 20 percent vitamin C.During the drying process apricots lost some of its nutrient values when compared to fresh ones. Daily intake of dried apricots can get 4 percent vitamin A, 6 percent vitamin C and no iron at all. That makes the difference.

Serving Size (3 Apricots fresh), 45% of Vitamin A, 20% Vitamin C and 2% iron.

Serving Size (5 Apricots dried), 4% of Vitamin A, 6% Vitamin C.

Other Fruits and vegetables that contain 1000 IU of vitamin A per daily requirement are Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Chili pepper hot, Collard greens, grape fruits, lettuce, mango, pepper, spinach, tomato, and water melon.

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