Top 5 Ways To Control Anger


Top 5 Ways To Control Anger

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Anger is a part of human nature. Every normal human being gets angry. But what happens when you are not able to control your ire at all? If your anger is an uncontrollable outburst of volcanoes then I guess you should be doing something about it. It is not good for you or for people around you.

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How anger can be devastating on your body?

  • It can increase the chances of developing a heart disease. If you are a man, the chances are more.
  • Anger can be dangerous for those who have an existing heart trouble.
  • It can cause stress
  • It can lead to insomnia, digestive troubles and headaches.

Don’t worry, your uncontrollable fury can be controlled! Here are a few simple ways to do the same.

1) Relaxation


You can soothe your angry feelings by deep breathing and using tools like relaxation imagery.

  • Try deep breathing from your diaphragm. You can’t get relaxed by breathing through the chest, so you have to breathe deeply from gut.
  • Repeat words like ‘calm down’, ‘relax’ slowly. Breathe deeply while repeating these words to yourself.
  • Use the tool called imagery. You can either visualize a relaxing experience from your past or let imagination play.
  • Activities like Yoga can help you relax and calm down.

Keep practicing the above techniques till you automatically use them in situations that get you angry.

2) Rewiring your mind

You have you change the way you think. What happens is that when you are angry, you tend to get dramatic and so does your thinking! When something wrong happens, you may start thinking, “This is the end of it!” When you are trying to rewire your mind, you must learn to replace such thoughts with ones that are less dramatic like, “What has happened is not fair, but this not the end of everything”. Here are a few amendments you would want to make:

  • Convert expectations into desires

Expectation hurts! Am I right? When things don’t happen the way you want them to, your disappointment turns into anger. So, if you have a demanding nature, try to change it. When demands turn into requests, the situation is a lot much better.

  • Use logic

Initially justified anger can take a ghastly illogical form. Don’t feel that the world is against you. It is just a rough patch that you are going through. Every dark night is followed by a bright day! Think this way when you feel anger dawning upon you. It will help you think in a more balanced way.

3) Finding a solution to your problems

When you have deep trouble in your life you are bound to get frustrated and angry. It is a natural response of humans. The problem is that everyone believes that every problem has a solution. In the quest of the solution one loses his/her cool. Give things your best shot but don’t punish yourself if you have not been successful.

4) Listen to what the other person is saying

stress & weight gain

People in a heated discussion tend to jump to conclusions. When this happens to you the next time, just try to slow down and lend your ear to the other person. After listening to his point of few, take time to answer. Don’t just blurt out what comes to your mind. It is possible that someone might be criticizing you but you should not fight back. The other person’s complains might have an underlying meaning. Pay heed to that.

5) Seek refuge in humour


Humour can actually save your day! You are angry at your boss, what to do? Imagine him or her as an amoeba sitting at the desk. LOL! It may actually make you feel better!! This might just defuse a dangerous bomb you are carrying inside you.

Are these 5 Ways To Control Anger easy to follow?

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