Top 5 Yoga Myths Busted


Top 5 Yoga Myths Busted

Yoga, as you all know was born in India and it has been around for more than 5000 years. It is an integral part of rich cultural heritage. Anything so antique, so rich in knowledge is bound to be surrounded by myths of all sorts. This post aims at debunking certain myths related to yoga.

Top 5 Yoga Myths Busted

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Myth 1: Yoga is all about lighting incense sticks and chanting om.

Truth: We Indians know that this is not completely true. I use the word ‘completely’ because we do chant om during meditation but it not in a religious angle. It is mostly the westerners who have certain preformed ideas about yoga. Yoga is a combination of exercise and relaxation. The classes are normal like most exercise classes. It has been found that 15.8 million people in the US practice yoga and still such myths manage to surface!

Myth 2: Yoga is too gentle to provide any physical benefits. It’s more like chilling out than getting fit.

Truth: Yoga is less stressful and gentler on the joints. But at the same time studies show that yoga has both physical and psychological benefits to offer. By practicing yoga regularly one can improve joint flexibility and muscle strength along with warding off stress and boosting mood. Certain forms of yoga involve changing poses and they fall in the category of light cardio. You can also build strength and flexibility by trying faster moves. You can reach new levels of fitness with yoga. Some types of yoga like Bikram yoga are well known for sculpting the body.

Myth 3: I have to get fit before I can even start doing yoga.

My Yoga Experience and Weight Loss

Truth: The beauty of yoga is that it can be practised by anybody, from any walk of life. Even a child can practice yoga. Your beginning classes will have gentle moves as you cannot do the shoulder stand the first day you land at the yoga class!! As your flexibility improves you will be asked to do a little more complex poses. You need not get yourself fit for yoga, it will make you fit!

Myth 4: I can’t do yoga because I’m a man. Yoga is meant only for women.

Truth: Yoga is meant for everyone regardless of the gender. It is so weird that people think that yoga is only meant for women. As per a recent study, around 27.8 percent of people practicing yoga in the United States of America are MEN. So much for the ‘only for women’ myth!! Men usually think that they can’t achieve the level of fitness they desire by practicing yoga and that is not true.

Myth 5: I’m too old for yoga.

Truth: Some elderly people stay away from yoga because they feel their joints are not as flexible as they were in their young age. The statistics have a different story to say. 40 % of the people practicing yoga are between 35 and 55 years of age and about 20% are above 55 years of age. Inspiring isn’t it? If someone tells you this reason next time tell them that age is not a barrier when it comes to practicing yoga. Yoga is meant for all ages. For the elderly there is a separate list of asanas that would benefit them.

Hope this post has been helpful in busting myths about yoga at least to a certain extent.

Get ahead and practice yoga leaving the myths behind!

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