Top 5 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Back


Top 5 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Back

Hi all,

So many/some of you all usually avoid exercise or any kind of exertion since you have a bad back? I often see people skipping a fitness regime and just go for a simple leisure walk which they call “exercise”? I really don’t get that!!! I recall in India, I see many ladies wearing shoes with their suits on, and walking in a speed which is to watch out for 😛 and then some more join them and they all share their daily activities and sometimes say, why join a gym or a class if you have a park in your colony! Some say, I just don’t have the time, plus my slip disk etc, but no one wants to join anything which can help them with that bad back. They would rather rely on their own prescribed method which is a simple walk around the park.

I say, move on and taste a bit of yoga, it will not only help you strengthen your back but also help you lose some weight (remember it is secondary and it will come when followed by a healthy diet).

Some yoga asanas which help get a strong back or relieve of any existing pain:

1. Downward dog pose:

Downward dog yoga for strengthening the back

While you are doing surya namaskars; you form a downward dog pose after the plank and crocodile pose. It is an easy pose if correctly done. The asana strengthens your back by stretching it completely. The nerves are completely relaxed and their is a blood flow in the body. If you have severe back pain, in consultation with your doctor and yoga practitioner you may be able to improve your back by doing this pose. However, if you have any severe back problem, I suggest that not to do any of these poses on your own.

2. Triangle pose:

triangle pose yoga for back strengthening

It is also called the trikona asana, apart from toning up the sides, it also helps in strengthening the lower back and the upper legs. This pose also helps in perfecting the body balance. It helps in improving your concentration levels.

3. Cat cow pose:

cat cow pose for back strengthening

This asana helps you in stretching the neck, back and torso, It also gently massages your spine and its muscles. Do this asana to help you over come a tough work out, it will instantly revive you and you will be back on your toes again.

 4. Upward facing dog:

Upward facing dog yoga for back strengthening

Aside from downward dog, upward facing dog is one of the most widely known and recognized yoga poses due to its numerous benefits and therapeutic uses. This is also one of the asana we perform while doing surya namaskars. The pose strengthens the arms, wrists and abdomen. This asana also increases the flexibility of the spine. There is another variation which is an advance pose in this asana.

5. Child’s pose:

balasana yoga for digestion

This is the most relaxing pose, do at the end of your work out and you stretch your back completely. I do it after a heavy duty body pump class; which instantly relaxes me.  I suggest you do any time of the day, even if you are really tired after a long day of work.

These poses are and many more help you correcting your back problem. Yoga is both therapeutic as well beneficial to keep you fit.

Till then,

Keep fit.


Ready to strengthen your back with yoga?

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