Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles


Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles

Hi fitness freaks,

You are wondering why waste time on yoga when you can build muscles at a gym by doing some serious weight lifting. Well, you may be right. But hold on, if you cannot do weight bearing activities and do not like to take a class at gym. I will share with you some power bearing/strength training poses to help you build muscles.

Yoga is liberating, you don’t need any weights and barbells; to build muscles. Let me show you, how  these poses can help you look great. If you feel that you are doing yoga with no gain, here you will see that these poses can in fact help you, so do these with extra effort 😉 Play smart.

1. The plank pose to get you strong arms:Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles 1

My yoga guru, had great arms, they were sculpted not buffed like a local gym trainer but muscular and strong. I asked him one fine day, what do you do to get this. I wondered if he lifted weights when we left the class. But he told me that there is nothing more than Yoga he has been doing. He does go for treks often. But with the simple Plank pose you can add to your muscle building regime. A  perfect plank is an art I feel, it even forms a part of Surya Namaskar. It gives strength to your arms and does tones them up.

Hold the plank position for 5 to 10 breaths, do it while performing Surya Namaskars/or just in your regular exercise position.

A similar move we do in the gym is called a Hover, while doing abs.

2. The tree pose to make your legs strong:

Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles 2

We all know our very own vriksha asana, it is not quite for some and a cake walk for few, do it with caution and to add more drama, look up through your hands. The balancing act helps you build muscles, your legs hold your own body weight in order to make you balance. Thus, tree pose is very beneficial for your legs.

Do remember, with yoga you build lean muscle mass, which replaces the fat in your body, you of course do not get a buffed up body. Those are heavily based on protein shakes and other supplements along with heavy weight lifting. For us regulars, lean muscle mass is the best option, as it aids in making you fit overall.

3.  Cobra pose for those arms:

Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles-cobra pose

Also called the Dhanur asana, helps you strengthening your arms, do remember, that repetition is the key to achieving results. Do these exercises for one whole hour, with variations. Join a yoga class, where you have more focus on strength training rather than loosing weight. Weight loss will naturally come, if you are exercising and eating right. Exercising is an aid to life, you help yourself in living longer, stronger and of course  beautiful.

4. Headstand for the whole body:

Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles-headstand

Should stand or a hand stand is something not to be done without supervision, remember you can injure your back or neck. Believe me, I had a gym trainer, who did not qualify as a yoga teacher made me do a head stand once. I so enjoyed it that I asked him I will practise this after my regular gym workout and the next time I did it, I got a severe neck injury. It was a tough phase, I decided to stick to what he was best at and join a yoga class separately. Till today, I do no practise headstands on my own. I need proper guidance and motivation to do it. But it is very helpful for your body. There is a sense of blood flow in the whole body.

5. Side plank, warrior pose 1 & 2:

side plank yoga for flat abs

Top 5 Yoga Postures To Build Muscles-warrior pose

There are many other poses which help you build muscles, a side plank makes your arms stronger and helps you get rid of those tough love handles. Trust me 😉  Warrior poses work on lower body, making it stronger and muscular, it is like lunges you do at the gym, which is absolutely abhor 🙁

There are also ways of building abs with Yoga, will share those soon.

Till then god bless us all with more muscles and less fat 🙂


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