Top 6 Foods To Avoid During Periods

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Top 6 Foods To Avoid During Periods

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Most women enter into a binge eating phase when they have mood swings. And these mood swings happen during menstruation. When you have your periods, the levels of stress also rise due to extreme mood swings. Stress levels during the menstruation can be reduced if you happen to eat the right kind of foods.

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During your periods, your body is affected in other ways as well. You may have to face nausea, cramps, pain and headache and this is due to the contraction of the uterus. For some women these symptoms are very less and for some they are more. The pain felt periods is called dysmenorrheal. Half of the women in the world are affected by dysmenorrheal. It is more if the woman is younger. All the symptoms of menstruation can be avoided if you follow a proper diet and avoid certain types of food. Many women feel physically drained and exhausted during periods because of lack of proper nutrition. There are certain foods that ease your periods.

In this post, let us talk about the foods that one should avoid consuming during periods.

1) Caffeine

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This one tops the list of foods to avoid during periods. This is because your blood vessels will get constricted due the caffeine. It will also dehydrate your body and it is a known fact that you need more fluids during your periods. Constriction of blood vessels and dehydration can cause headaches and increased nervousness. So, you must avoid foods that contain caffeine and they include coffee, cola and anything that has caffeine in it.

2) Sugary food

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You must also avoid consuming foods that contain too much sugar like candies, soft drinks and confectionery when you have your periods. Now you would say that you can’t avoid it as they are your comfort foods! Let me tell you that consuming food that contains high sugar will cause a spike in the levels of blood sugar that will crash soon. This abrupt crashing of blood sugar after a spike makes you feel cranky, irritated and lethargic.

3) Food that is commercially baked

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In order to reduce menstrual cramps and pain, you have to avoid food that is commercially baked. The chief reason behind this is that commercially baked food has a lot of trans-fat or trans fatty acid that will increase the levels of estrogen. It will in turn cause sudden and dramatic pain in the uterus. This escalates menstrual cramps.

4) Processed food

Canned food- avoid during periods

Avoid processed or canned food during menstruation. Canned or processed stuff has sodium in it. Sodium should be avoided during periods as it causes bloating and water retention. So, just stay away from processed stuff.

5) Refined grains

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Grains when processed lose most of their nutritional content and become refined grains. Refined grains tamper with the levels of blood sugar and also affect appetite between meals. These factors can increase the symptoms of menstruation. So, avoid pasta, white bread and white rice.

6) Fried food

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Foods with high amount of fat and oil will increase the levels of estrogen. Avoid fried stuff to keep the uterus stable and reduce cramps. And that includes fried rice, fried chicken and French fries.

Though difficult to follow, you must avoid eating the above foods when you have your periods. After all, the restriction is for your own comfort during your periods.

Avoid these foods and be happy during you periods!

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