Top 6 Smoothie Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain


Top 6 Smoothie Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

Hello All,

Have you just landed on the fitness planet? Welcome!! Have you been fascinated by the word smoothie? Are you gulping down smoothie after smoothie to become slim and trim but are putting on kilos instead? Too many questions, but I can answer the last one.

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Lack of fibre

Fibre keeps you full and keeps hunger at bay so that you eat less later on. It can be called the magic potion when it comes to weight loss. While making your smoothie you might not be adding sufficient fibre to it. For that you have to pick up the right fruit. Most people add bananas but don’t realise that it has very less fibre to offer. Your aim should be to add a bare minimum of 10 gms of fibre to your smoothie. I’ll give you more ideas. Add kale (green leafy vegetable), berries like strawberry, raspberry, whatever is available. You may also add flax seeds, chia seeds and protein powders (plant based).

Low in protein

Even after adding greens to boost the nutrient level of your smoothie, it may be lacking in protein. You need sufficient protein to provide you with energy so that you don’t snack on high calorie foods later. It is the best to include a minimum of 10 gms of protein in your smoothie. You can add that by having milk or curd as one of the ingredients. Protein powder, nuts/ nut butter can also be a good idea.

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Excess of fruits

Fruits are always vouched as the healthier option to be added to smoothies. It has a lot of fibre and nutrients but there is a small hitch to it. Fruits have calories too. If your smoothie just has fruits in it, that too a variety of them, then you would probably be downing more calories. Fruits get digested quickly as they contain simple sugars. This is bound to make you hungry later. It would be better to add milk, curd, protein powder along with your favourite fruit and make the smoothie

Adding sweeteners

Artificial or natural sweeteners both mean one thing- extra calories. Artificial sweeteners are really harmful at the same time. Check whether any of the ingredients you are adding has added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Fruits have their own sweetness and you need not add more. Maybe sooner or later you will learn to enjoy the mild sweetness of your smoothie.

Adding high calorie stuff

Just by blindly adding foods high in calories thinking they are nutritious is a big mistake. Yes, dates, mangoes, bananas, apples and whole milk products are healthy but at the same time they are high in calories. You can add these ingredients to your smoothie but just make sure it is done in small quantities.

Having it as a mini-meal and not as a snack

If you want your smoothie to be a post workout snack then you must make sure that it should not be more than 150 calories. The best way out would be to reduce the ingredients list by half.

Hope you found the reason of your weight gain by now.

Happy blending!! Enjoy your smoothies whilst keeping the above things in mind.

Are you doing any of these top 6 smoothie mistakes that cause weight gain?

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