Top 6 Sports That Build Fitness

running for fitness

Top 6 sports that build fitness

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The gym!! People throng there every morning or every evening. It is the temple of fitness! Is this true? Well, maybe partially. You need not depend only on the gym to get that coveted figure. Even playing a sport can help you tone your body and you can get the same gym like effect. The choice of the sport has to be right as each sport is different and the kind of fitness provided varies from sport to sport. So now it just doesn’t stop at diet and exercise you now have to actively take part in kind of sport suitable for you.

If you want to get fitter and build stamina you can go in for the following sports:

1. Tennis

Tennis is regarded as a wonderful sport for building stamina and keeping you fit. You need to learn the skill required for this sport which is hand and eye coordination. If you get the hang of that you can play tennis once a week. Join a tennis club, socialize a bit with people and build your stamina.

2. Running

running for fitness

I have heard a lot of weight loss success stories starring ‘running’ 🙂 I am serious. It gets addictive. You can start at a slower pace and steadily increase the pace and cover larger distances. You can even go in for interval training for more benefits. So, any plans to participate in sprints?

3. Football

With the football fever on a high how can I leave it out? Yes, football, the world’s most popular sport can help you stay fit. It demands a lot of energy so you would be burning a lot of calories. During the game, you shift between sprinting and jogging, and these shifts help in increasing the aerobic capacity and improving cardiovascular health. Football helps in improving coordination, increasing flexibility and stamina. All you need is a ball, and it is a great cardio workout.I know it is more of a boy’s game but there are plenty women out there who are training themselves in this sport!

4. Swimming

Swimming is a complete body workout and is very refreshing! Just look at the bodies of swimmers and you will get your answer. Swimming being a high intensity workout gives great results. Moreover, it is summer; the best way to beat the heat is by heading to the swimming pool.

5. Cycling

cycling for fitness

One thing I love doing!! It is a great way to burn calories. In a cycling session of just 30 minutes you can burn 200-500 calories easily. Contrary to popular belief, cycling involves the entire body and not just the legs. It is an excellent way to build stamina. Cycling can increase cardiovascular fitness by three to seven percent. It is also known to build muscle tone. This is easy too! Just pick up your cycle and speed away.

6. Rowing

Rowing is an excellent cardio workout and you can burst at least 400 calories in 30 minutes. It strengthens the core and involves all the muscle groups. It is not possible to actually row a boat in water, so you can take the help of the rowing machine available at the gym. If you are the adventurous type and live closer to a water body, then go for it!

Do you play anyone of the top 6 sports that build fitness?

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