Top 6 Types Of Crunches For Flat Tummy


Top 6 Types Of Crunches For Flat Tummy

Crunches are the most used exercises for a fabulous stomach and firm abs. though they burn less fat and are slower in results…they are very systematic and  body friendly meaning any one can get used to them easily. There are types in crunches which use focus on different parts of stomach giving the same result though. They can be done anywhere as you need only a mat. It increases your core strength and thighs and hips flexibility.

Top 6 Types Of Crunches For Flat Tummy

1. The Basic

Top 6 Types Of Crunches For Flat Tummy

This is the most familiar crunch which anyone who knows the spelling of crunch starts with. Lie down on your back with your hands bended and behind your head. Bend your knees at a comfortable angle. Using the strength of your lower back and pelvis; rise up as much as you can without bending your hands towards each other. Swing your pose this way as many times as you can. Don’t put pressure on your hands or neck. This can be injurious.

2. Reverse


This is a little more on your balancing and flexibility. Lie flat on your back and pull your legs up at right angle. Put your hands on your sides if needed behind your hips for additional support. Then using your hips, bring your needs towards your chest and hold the position for five breaths. Release and get your legs down to normal pose. Repeat as much as you can.

3. Vertical Leg


This crunch is a little like naukasana but to a lesser degree. Lie down on your back with your arms on the sides. Lift your legs straight making a 90 degree with your pelvis. Now try to touch your feet using your hands and by propelling forward. It’s a bit difficult so do only to your limit and don’t put strain on neck and back. Relax your legs and repeat. The rising can be simultaneously done if you can balance together.

4. Long Arm

This is the same as your basic crunch except that you lift your hands towards the ceiling above keeping them above your head intervened at the fingers. Again caution not to strain your neck. Knees should be bended at a comfortable angle. Balance should be done using your stomach and pelvis only.

5. Bicycle


As the name suggest it is like a lying down air bike crunch. Lie down on your back with your arms at the head behind. Lift your knees off the floor and feet should be facing forwards Like an L. now rise your head and turn it towards one side and bring that side leg closer to you while the head takes support on the hands a little. The elbow should try to touch your knee. Let hand to right knee and vice versa. Turn towards the other and change your leg. Like how you use a bike this should be done in the same manner. This workout is excellent for upper abs and gastric issues as well.

6. Double

This is also same as basic crunch except that you raise your knees to face the wall. As you rise try to get your knees closer to you without changing the angle thus putting additional pressure on your abdomen. Relax your legs and return to your lying down position. This is a great workout for both upper and lower abs.

 Now that you know the types, chose accordingly to suit your workout style and get that fabulous abs. Happy workout 🙂