Top 6 Vegetarian Sources Of Protein


Top 6 vegetarian sources of protein

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I am a vegetarian and like all vegetarians I always thought that you can get protein chiefly from non-veg sources. I am always told to eat eggs so that I get sufficient amount of protein. I do eat them but I am always on the lookout for plant sources. We all know that our good old ‘Dal’ is a good source of protein but I have stumbled upon some other real good vegetarian sources of protein. I am sharing them with all of you in this post.

How much protein do you require?

An average man requires 56 grams per day if his lifestyle is sedentary.

An average woman requires 46 grams per day if her lifestyle is sedentary. Check out the post for more details on protein requirement here.

Top 6 vegetarian sources of protein



Top 6 Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

Quinoa is food of that contains high protein. It is an adequate source of all essential amino acids. Quinoa is full of fiber, magnesium, iron, and manganese. It is a wonderful substitute for rice. 1 cup of quinoa offers 8g of protein.

It does not belong to the family of cereals. In fact it is a member of the food family where the other members are beets and spinach!! It is referred to as a ‘pseudocereal’ which means that this food is not a cereal but can be ground into flour easily. Quinoa is readily available online.



Buck wheat is called Kuttu closer home. Buck wheat is actually a fruit seed. Remember the kuttu ke tikle served as Navratri vrat food last year? Yes, that was made out of buckwheat flour!! It is a good substitute for normal flour. 1 cup has 6 g of protein.

Buck wheat is good for people who are sensitive to gluten containing grains.

Chia seeds


Chia seeds resemble the Indian sabja seeds that are used in faloodas, sherbets, ice-creams, kulfis and coolers. They have a nature of absorbing water in them when they are soaked; a gelatine like coating is formed around each seed. Chia is also known as a powerhouse of antioxidants, iron, calcium and zinc. Just 2 tbsp of chia seeds contain 4 g of protein.


Tofu ready

It is well known that soya beans are a good source of protein. Including tofu in your diet is a good idea. Half a cup of tofu has 10 g of protein. It is a good substitute for meat!! Tofu is one of the best products made available from soya beans. Make sure to buy the firmest tofu. The point is that the more firm the tofu the more protein it has in it. You can make your own tofu at home too!!


chick pea salad for weight loss (1)

We Indians consume chickpeas all round the year. They accompany Kulchas, pooris and a lot more( My favourite is chickpeas with yellow rice!!!). They are a very good source of protein. They have a great amount of fibre in it. They can be included in the diet easily as they are cholesterol free and low in saturated fat.

One cup of chickpeas provides 12 g of protein! You can enjoy it as hummus or in the form of a chickpeas salad.

Peanut butter

american garden peanut butter india (1)

Just two table spoons of peanut butter offer around 8 g of protein! As it does not contain all the essential amino acids in it, it would be a good idea to combine peanut butter with whole wheat bread or milk. This would make sure you are getting a complete protein package.

Along with protein it offers fibre, niacin, magnesium, manganese, vitamin E, and phosphorus.

Are you going to indulge in the top 6 vegetarian sources of protein?