Top 6 Winter Foods For Good Health


Top 6 Winter Foods For Good Health

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Are you all enjoying the winters? Isn’t it a spectacular season? However, it is the time when people get infected and suffer from cold and flu. Thus it becomes essential to strengthen your immune system and you must be wondering how that will happen? Well, food is thy medicine and there are some foods that will keep you rocking throughout the season. These foods will increase your immunity and keep your energy levels high. Moreover, it is not difficult to include these foods in your diet. Here we go!

1) Pomegranate

pomegranate health benefits

There is hardly anybody who doesn’t like pomegranates. The sweet and delicately tart taste is just wonderful. You can have the seeds of pomegranate plain or add them to your salads and yoghurt. You can also drink the fresh juice of pomegranate. If you drink a cup in the morning, it will help in meeting the body’s potassium need.

There are 70 calories in half a cup of pomegranate seeds along with 3.5 g of fibre and 16 g of carbs. It also has B vitamins and folate. The fruit is also having loads of powerful antioxidants that can ward off certain types of cancer and lowers the chances of getting heart disease.

2) Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit- top 6 winter foods

Kiwi is not that commonly consumed as it is not widely available everywhere. You can spot them at supermarkets though! You can always add them to your meals. You can add it your fruit salads, yoghurt and smoothies. The fruit is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. It is high in fibre and rich in potassium. One kiwi fruit has 40 calories. It helps in strengthening your immune system and is good for the eyes and heart.

3) Citrus fruits

Orange- for diabetics

Winter seems to be incomplete without eating citrus fruits. Oranges, sweet limes, lemons are quite easy to spot during the winters. Citrus fruits make a healthy snack and are totally delicious. They are the best sources of potassium, folate and vitamin C. They also have a high content of flavonoids that have anti-cancer properties. You can squeeze in a lemon to your plain water, drink the juice of oranges and sweet lime or make fruit salads. You can even peel and enjoy them as it is.

4) Cinnamon

cinnamon_tummy flattening foods

Cinnamon is popular in winters as it adds warmth to your food and beverage. It can be added to your cookies, pies, puddings, pastries, soups and smoothies. You can add it your favourite hot chocolate and tea. Cinnamon helps in improving brain function and boosting the immune system. It is good for the heart health too. Cinnamon contains essential oils that are known to have powerful anti inflammatory properties. Cinnamon also contains calcium, iron, manganese, fibre and antioxidants that are helpful in warding off cancer.

5) Legumes


To stay healthy and full of energy, you need to add legumes to your diet. Go in for kidney beans (rajma), lobia, lentils, black and white beans. Here is the recipe of an interesting rajma soup click! Legumes contain protein, fibre, B vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium. Legumes are known to reduce the risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

6) Sweet potatoes

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a perfect winter food if eaten in moderation. Sweet potatoes contain carbs, fibre, vitamin B6, potassium and iron. You can boil sweet potatoes and have them as a chaat by sprinkling some chaat masala and a dash of lemon juice. It is not suitable for those who are on a low carb diet.

So, that is all folks! If you know other healthy foods good for winters, do share with us!




Ready to include the Top 6 Winter Foods For Good Health in your diet?

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