Top 7 Gyms In Mumbai


Top 7 gyms in Mumbai

Tinsel town has a lot to offer when it comes to fitness. Have a look at the top gyms in Mumbai.

1) Gold’s gym

Gold's gym Top 7 gyms at Mumbai

Gold’s gym is a popular worldwide fitness brand. It is known for its unbeatable success in offering the finest equipment and knowledge of fitness. It has a chain of 7 gyms in Mumbai alone. They have state of-the-art infrastructure with certified trainers and nutritional counselors. The gym provides a comprehensive approach to well being of the client. From fat burning to building strength, from improving flexibility to toning up, you can get wide and varied services at Gold’s gym. There is weight training, cardio, spinning, yoga, zumba dance, Pilates and a lot more.

2) Mickey Mehta 360

Mickey Mehta, a renowned fitness trainer who has been training film stars, supermodels and industrialist owns this gym. After knowing about his credentials people are queuing up like crazy outside Mickey Mehta’s 360 gym. It was launched in 2004 and today it is in 6 different locations of the city. Micky Mehta’s Mantra is complete body and mind wellness through nutrition, breathing exercise, yoga, meditation and equipment free training. The gym offers a wide variety of functional exercises with props like swiss balls, medicine balls, parallel bars and resistance tubes.

3) Talwalkars

Talwalkars is a chain of gyms that are spread all over India, fitness centres in 75 cities to be precise! They are one among the top three Health clubs of Asia. The gyms are quite spacious and have posh interiors. They have the latest equipments with a team of certified trainers, physiotherapist and dieticians. There is cardio training, weight training along with yoga, aerobics, a spinning studio, steam/sauna bath. So, it is a place where you can meet all your fitness needs.

4) Snap fitness

snap fitness

Snap fitness is a global leader in the fitness arena. The focus is always to provide the right guidance and value added services with the best available equipments. Their health clubs are both affordable and classy. They offer personal training programs and nutrition counselling. It has a great energy filled ambience that will help you get fit with lots of fun. Snap fitness has personalized fitness plans that caters to the needs of every individual. It is open 24/7 so that you can work out at your own convenience!

5) 5 Fitness club

5 fitness club is considered to be one of the best health clubs in Mumbai. They have qualified professionals that help clients achieve their fitness goals. The objective is to improve the performance of the clients on a day to day basis by fighting ageing and help in building athlete like bodies. There is a fully functional gym with a swimming pool and a massage section. Nutrition counselling service is also available.

6) Body Art

Body Art provides a world class experience. The place is centrally air-conditioned like how most top notch gyms are these days. It offers cardio as well as weight training. It has changing rooms, personal lockers, shower rooms and steam rooms. It is not just a gym but also a Pilates hub. Pilates helps in sculpting your core and making you shapey. Treatment for knees, back and arthritis are also offered.

7) Qi gym

Qi life care Top 7 gyms at Mumbai

Qi gym is one of the most favourite gyms of Mumbai. Located in South Mumbai, Qi gym emphasises on personalized training and the right kind of diet. They have ACSM certified trainers at the gym. The gym has revolutionary programs and new concepts that help in reshaping the body and increasing the metabolism. They have developed a weight management program that helps one lose weight in just 21 thirty-minute sessions that last for 5 weeks.

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