Top 7 Health Benefits Of Mint


Top 7 Health Benefits Of Mint

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Mint is a household name. Who can ever forget about the tangy mint chutney made at home? Moreover, it is one of the most common flavouring in toothpastes, chewing gums, candies and mouth fresheners.

Mint is a herb that has been used for hundreds of years as it has amazing medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Mint

Mint leaves for health

Mint leaves have a lot of health benefits to offer that include:


Mint works really well as an appetizer. It also promotes digestion. It is known to soothe the stomach during indigestion or inflammation. No wonder pudin hara pearls work so well whenever I have digestive trouble! Drinking mint tea will also provide relief.

The reason why mint facilitates digestion is that its aroma activates the salivary glands and also the other glands that secrete digestive enzymes. Great! Probably that is why it is added to food.

Nausea & Headache

If you are someone who is always on the go, then menthol oil (derived from mint) can come to your rescue when you suffer from motion sickness related nausea. Even otherwise, the strong aroma of mint can help alleviate nausea.

Rubbing your forehead with a mint based balm provides relief from headache. This is because mint is naturally soothing, it can lessen inflammation and rise of body temperature that are the main causes of headache.

Respiratory Disorders and Coughs

women cold cough mint for health

The strong aroma of mint is effective in decongesting the nose and throat, also the bronchi and lungs. It provides relief from respiratory disorders too. No wonder why so many balms have mint (menthol) in them.

Asthma patients can be benefited by regular mint use as it is a relaxant and it reduces congestion. Don’t go overboard while using mint though 😛 as it can irritate the nose and throat when used too much.

Depression and Fatigue

Mint being a natural stimulant can recharge your batteries and make you feel refreshed. On any day if you feel tired, sluggish, depressed, anxious or just exhausted, you can find mint helpful. You can eat it, apply its oil on the body to get relief or inhale its vapour.

Skin Care and Pimples

Mint juice is used to provide relief from pimples and acne. It is soothing and cures itchiness. It also treats insect bites (mosquito, honeybee and wasp).

Weight Loss

weight loss india

You were waiting for this weren’t you? Mint is known to help you lose weight in a healthy manner. Mint actually stimulates those digestive enzymes that are meant to absorb nutrients from food; they absorb the fat and convert it into energy. So, the fat is being absorbed and is used up as energy instead of getting stored up in the body. This will prevent weight gain. Great! So, I think you should make it a point to include mint in your diet.

Oral Care

The fact that you find menthol in toothpastes and mouthwashes is ample proof of the goodness it has to offer when it comes to oral care. It freshens the breath and also has germicidal properties. It reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. The best way to get benefits is to chew on a few mint leaves.

Apart from all the benefits it has to offer, you can’t deny the status it enjoys in the culinary world. Whether it is the East or the West, mint has its own place. You can see it as a part of refreshing drinks particularly in summer. Remember the last time you decorated your dish with mint leaves? After learning about the health benefits it has to offer, I am sure you would include more of mint in your diet. Here is a great mint recipe- click!

Did you find the top 7 benefits if mint interesting?

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