Top 7 Health Benefits Of Olives


Top 7 Health Benefits Of Olives

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All we hear is about olive oil! Very little attention is paid to the source of the oil i.e. olives. So, here is a post exclusively on the health benefits that olives have to offer!

Olives are among the most widely enjoyed fruits in the world. Yes, they aren’t veggies but fruits! There are a few great reasons to include them in your diet.

Top 7 Health Benefits Of Olives

olives- why olives are good for health

Good for cardiovascular health

The antioxidants present in black olives help in preventing oxidation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. This reduces the chances of a heart attack. Olives do have fat in them but it is the monosaturated fat that reduces the chances of heart disease and increases the levels of good cholesterol. When monosaturated fat is added to the diet the effects are good for heart health. Monosaturated fat is also good for decreasing blood pressure as per recent studies.

Helps in weight loss

Consuming the fat found in olives (monosaturated fat) instead of saturated fat encourages loss of weight. Sounds like good news for the weight watchers! Olive oil helps the breakdown of fats inside fat cells and this helps in getting rid of belly fat and also reduces insulin sensitivity. People who eat more olives eat lesser overall calories are rarely overweight. Such people have a higher level of serotonin i.e. a hormone that makes one feel satiated.

Helps prevent cancer

Olives are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. This makes them naturally protective against cancer as oxidative stress and inflammation are the key reasons behind cancer. Olives help in preventing both the conditions that can lead to cancer. Vitamin E in black olives can help in neutralizing free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. If the cells’ DNA gets damaged due to oxidation, they mutate and turn cancerous. Studies say that a diet with love oil can lower the risk of colon cancer as low as a diet that is rich in fish oil.

Reduce pain

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in olives can act as a natural pain-killer. The compound oleocanthal in it has this effect. 50 g of olive oil in a day has enough oleocanthal to provide an anti-inflammatory effect equivalent to 1/10 of that of a painkiller (Ibuprofen for an adult).

olive oil

Hair and skin health

Black olives nourish, protect and hydrate as they are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. One of the main component is vitamin E. Vitamin E works wonder both when applied or ingested. Vitamin E protects the skin from cancer and premature aging. You can apply olive oil on your skin and see the magic after leaving it on for 15 minutes and rinsing it off. You can use it to condition your hair too by making a mask or just applying the oil alone.

Controls allergies

Extracts of olives have been known to work as anti-histamines at the cellular level. Histamine is a molecule that gets produced far too much during allergy like conditions. This anti-histamine effect is most probably the reason behind the anti-inflammatory benefits of olives. You will be able to breathe easily and your circulation will improve when you consume olives. They may even have a role to play in an anti-allergenic diet.

Rich iron source

Black olives have high iron content. The red blood cells are able to carry oxygen throughout the body due to the presence of iron. Lack of iron can make one feel weak and cold as the tissues don’t get sufficient iron. So, being rich in iron, olives are good for health.

Are you going to include olives in your diet?

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