Top 7 Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods


Top 7 Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods

Hello all!!

Weight loss is related to the consumption of calories. As per clear logic when you eat more, you end up consuming more calories. So, why don’t we try eating foods that would suppress the appetite naturally?? This article is mainly for my friends out there who eat voraciously. ( Let me tell you that I don’t fall in this category at all 😛 ).

So, whenever you feel hungry grab some of the following foods and calm down your hunger pangs!

Top 7 Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods

Top 7 Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods

1. Oatmeal

I like my oats with milk and I have also shared the recipe of oats halwa with you all, read it here. Oatmeal, being a fiber-rich food makes you feel fuller faster, it contains good carbohydrates.  These carbs burn slowly and as a result make you feel less hungry. As it is low on the glycemic index, oatmeal is ideal for those suffering from diabetes.

 2. Water

Is weight loss on your mind??  Well then water ( a zero calorie drink) is perhaps the best appetite suppressing agent you can ever get. Time and again health experts remind us about the importance of water and each time we don’t pay heed to it :P. When you feel that you have eaten sufficiently but you still feel that your stomach isn’t full you can have a glass of water. Drinking water deceives the brain into thinking that the tummy is full. Anyway drinking more water will flush out toxins from your body.

 3. Green tea

I have heard a lot about it! My cousin has it without fail each day as he is very particular about his health. Coming back to the topic, green tea stimulates the release of hormones that can control or limit food cravings. Plus it is a natural fat burner. J  Got the point!

 4. Low-calorie soups

Soups tend to suppress appetite as they have high water content, and they also aid in weight loss due to low-calorie content. Broths and vegetable soups are the best options if weight loss is on your mind. I am not talking about the processed soups here. Don’t think instant soup powder can do you any good. Try going in for clear veggie soups (homemade).

 5. Salads

This is both easy and effective. Toss up your favourite salad and voila… you have a lovely way to start your meal. The high fibre content would delay the entry of glucose into the bloodstream which won’t make you feel hungry very quickly.  It will fill you up a bit so you don’t gorge when you have your main course.

 6. Apple

Let me tell you something new … An apple a day keeps hunger pangs at bay…. what say? Apples low in calories and fat ( naturally as it is a fruit). They are known to be  great appetite suppressing foods because of the high fiber content. The fiber helps you feel full longer. This prevents you from overeating. Moreover apples also contain natural sugars which maintain a healthy blood sugar level. A study found that having apples can help in weight loss. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an apple this instant!

 7. Whey Protein

When you make paneer at home, the clear liquid that is left after the milk turns into paneer is called whey. It is known to be very healthy. My Grandpa used to drink the whey, he used to say that there is nothing like whey!  He was absolutely right! Now we get get whey protein powders that are convenient to consume.  Whey proteins not only help you in building muscles but also aid in weight loss 🙂 . Also studies suggest that whey proteins have an impact on the hormones which induce the feeling of fullness. Isn’t that good news!

I hope you found this article helpful 🙂 .Take care and stay fit 🙂