Top 7 Reasons To Include Pomegranate In Your Diet


Top 7 Reasons To Include Pomegranate In Your Diet

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The word ‘pomegranate’ brings the dark pink hues and the sweet flavour to the mind. Known as anaar in Hindi, pomegranate is a loved fruit in India. It is not just wonderful when it comes to taste but also when it comes to nutrition. It may take some time for you to peel it and enjoy the taste of the edible seeds inside but I feel it is worth the wait!! After knowing the health benefits it has to offer, I am sure you won’t feel lazy to peel it 😛

Top 7 Reasons To Include Pomegranate In Your Diet

pomegranate health benefits

Prevents cancer

Cancer is such a deadly disease. All efforts are in the direction of preventing it. According to certain studies it has been found that pomegranate has antioxidants and compounds that prevent the growth of cancerous cells and also ceases them from spreading.

Maintains heart health

One glass of pomegranate juice has more antioxidants than green tea and red wine! It contains a lot of dietary fibre and at the same time a special compound found in pomegranates alone! The goody-goody nutrients help in reducing the levels of cholesterol and wards off heart diseases. A rather tasty way to keep your heart healthy!

Aids digestion

A person needs at least 20 to 35 g of dietary fibre each day and pomegranate is a rich source of fibre. It not only helps in preventing constipation but it also ensures keeping the digestive system healthy. It enables proper absorption of nutrients in a more efficient manner.

Boosts immunity

Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C and this makes it a good immunity booster. When your immune system is healthy your body can fight infections and can keep diseases at bay. So this means that pomegranates can do wonders for your health.

Helps you look young

Do you know why we grow old and why our skin develops pigments and wrinkles? These signs of ageing are mostly due to the free radical damage that affects the cells of the body. What fights free radical damage? The answer is antioxidants. Pomegranates being rich in antioxidants fight free radicals and this delays the ageing process. This means that if you eat pomegranates on a regular basis, your skin will keep glowing and will be radiant for a longer time.

Reduces stress

Studies have shown that by drinking the juice of pomegranate, the levels of stress reduce significantly. The hormone secreted by the body when one is stressed out is cortisol. It is called the stress hormone. When people drink the juice of pomegranate the levels of cortisol reduces. Read more about ways to beat stress here.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the can be prevented by intake of a daily glass of pomegranate juice as it has antioxidants in it. It helps in reducing the build-up of harmful substances in the body that cause Alzheimer’s disease. The disease is a common form of dementia.

I am sure after knowing these health benefits of the fruit, you want to include it in your diet and you should after all health is wealth.

Will You Now Include Pomegranate In Your Diet??

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