Top 7 Ways To Prevent Depression Naturally

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Top 7 Ways To Prevent Depression Naturally

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There are times when you are not chirpy and merry. There are so many things in this world that can depress you and make you feel as if your life is falling apart. At the same time there are so many beautiful things in this world that can make you chirpy again. The best way to treat depression is to prevent it! With simple lifestyle changes you can ward off depression.




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Top 7 Ways To Prevent Depression Naturally

1. Get enough sleep.

Everybody says that! It is common sense that a good night’s sleep will boost your mood. How will you feel if you are awake till 6 am? Awful, right? The entire day you will be cranky at work. Sound and timely sleep is very important to ward off depression. Try going to bed at the same time every day. People’s sleeping pattern is also re synchronized with light therapy and it has been effective.

2. Exercise

Same stuff again! But please listen. Exercise is important for the physical body but at the same time it is essential for emotional health. Physical exercise is known to boost the mood. In a study done on depressed people it was found that just 15 minutes of exercise was sufficient to bring down the level of stress hormones in the body. Leave the study aside, what do you feel after doing some workout? You feel all energized and positive mentally, am I right? Even if you are physically tired, the rushes of mood- boosting hormones in the body do their job pretty well.

3. Try eating healthy fats.

Make sure you get plenty of healthy fat from your food. Research says that having omega-3 fatty acids is known to reduce the signs of depression. Ensure eating fish and for the vegetarians flaxseeds and walnuts would do.

4. Regulate your blood sugar.

A snack high in sugar will increase your blood sugar levels. After a while it will come crashing down. To fight depression it becomes essential to keep your blood sugar levels regulated. Eat meals at regular intervals and keep it balanced with sufficient protein.

5. Find passion in life.

If you have zeal and enthusiasm in your life then you are a winner! That comes only when you live for a purpose and that means the world to you. Find a hobby or particular interest that perks up your mood and keeps depression at bay. A study says that people with a purpose in life live 7 years longer than others.

6. Adopt a pet.

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Just imagine a puppy licking your face, following you where ever you go and pouring out unconditional love!! It soothing to the soul to pet a cat on the lap. Pets are known to be great companions to the lonely and have been helpful to people with depression. You can just be yourself in front of the pet and can rest be assured that you won’t hurt its feelings! Owning a pet not only reduces stress but also boosts feel good hormones in the brain. It also controls blood pressure.

7. Don’t bottle it up.

When you are down in the dumps, share your trouble with others. A friend, a sibling or a confidant, it can be anybody. Just pour your heart out and see how relaxed you feel. Keeping your troubles to yourself will do more harm than good.

Hope you found these tips useful!

Are you ready to follow the top 7 ways to prevent depression naturally?

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