Top 8 Health Benefits Of Early Morning Walk


Top 8 Health Benefits Of Early Morning Walk

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There is one exercise that is suitable for all ages and that is walking! It was a mode of transportation for the early man and a part of life for our fore fathers. Thanks to the availability of vehicles, today we hardly step on the road! So, walking has become an exercise today and we practically step out for our health if not for anything else.

Does the time of your walk matter? Yes it does! There is a difference between an early morning walk and an evening walk. Let us talk about the early morning walk and the health benefits it has to offer.

morning walk health benefits

An early morning walk should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It gives us happiness, calms our nerves and soothes the mind, body and soul. Living in concrete jungles we miss out on the fresh oxygen that our body needs. Since early morning the air is fresh, you should grab the opportunity and head outdoors. The best time slot for an early morning walk is between 5.00 am to 7:00 am. Choose a park or open area for your walk. Thanks to the concrete jungles we live in, there is hardly any open space left!

1) Better sleep

A brisk early morning walk will help you sleep well at night. Walking makes the body feel tired and you will be able to sleep better once you hit the pillow at night. A daily morning walk will regulate your sleep cycle because you will get up at the same time each day. Brain scans show that early morning exercise make a person spend 75 percent more time in deep sleep unlike exercise done later in the day.

2) Reduces the risk of cancer

A study says that walking briskly for one hour each day significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer in middle aged women. In another study it was found that walking improves the survival rates of breast cancer. Other studies show that walking is beneficial in warding off colon cancer and endometrial cancer too. Isn’t it a good reason to wake up and head outdoors?

3) Helps Weight loss

A morning walk can be quite beneficial if you are obese or on the heavier side. Morning walks improve the metabolism and burn calories. Both are needed to lose weight. Walking in the morning is beneficial for the process of weight loss because in the morning, the level of blood glucose is low and this means it is the fat that burns. So if you want to lose weight do try walking in the morning.

4) Helps those with diabetes and hypertension

Morning walks are beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes. Regular morning walk can help in preventing and controlling the disease. Even your blood pressure can be lowered by walking as it improves flow of blood in the body. Walking for 20 to 30 minutes each day can suppress hypertension.

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

5) Builds muscular strength

Walking tones your body. It tones the muscles of the thighs, arms, forearms, legs and buttocks. Walking also helps in building muscle endurance. If you hate going to the gym, you can always go for a walk in the morning!

6) Improves brain power

A brisk morning walk will help you in staying alert throughout the day and is good for your mental health. It improves blood circulation which ensures that more oxygen reaches the brain. This will improve your ability of recollection and other mental abilities. Walking is also helpful in lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the elderly.

7) Reduces stress

Morning walks combat stress and anxiety. It improves the psychological health of a person. It offers a positive outlook for your whole day and improves self esteem. The beauty around, the fresh air release endorphins and improve your mood. A morning walk is a psychological stress buster.

8) Cardiovascular health

A morning walk can be helpful in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay. It can decrease your risk of heart disease by 40%. Walking regularly reduces the chance of a stroke too.

Stop hitting the snooze button and start walking in the mornings!

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