Top 9 Health Benefits Of Anise Oil


Top 9 Health Benefits Of Anise Oil

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Anise oil is obtained from anise seeds (known as vilaiti saunf in Hindi). It is an essential oil that is used for a number of purposes. Hop on to have a look!

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Why is anise oil considered to be unique?

Anise oil is considered to be unique because it has antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, digestive and stimulant properties.

Top 9 Health Benefits Offered By Anise Oil

Though anise oil is beneficial for health, it has to be used in very little amounts.

1) Stomach benefits

digestive system Acid reflux

Anise oil is helpful in digesting heavy meals, especially the oily and sugary ones. The oil needs to be added to warm water and consumed post meals if you feel you indulged too much :P. It reduces gastric trouble and flatulence too. It works well as a laxative and helps clear constipation. It has also been useful in treating bloating and abdominal cramps.

2) Hair and skin benefits

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Due to its detoxifying properties, anise oil helps in keeping hair and skin healthy and shiny. The oil is perfect for head massages because it soothes the scalp and promotes the growth of hair. Its microbial and antiseptic properties help remove scalp infections. You need to mix the oil with coconut oil for hair and scalp treatments. For the skin treatments, you need to mix it with shea butter. The oil helps in treating acne and is a good remedy for oily skin.

3) Beneficial for the mind and nerves

wheat addiction affects brain

Anise oil has narcotic like effects without the side effects associated with artificial narcotics. It helps in slowing down circulation and calms down hysteria attacks. Those who have anxiety and suffer from panic attacks can use the oil to make their mind calm. The oil is also a sedative and is used as a remedy for sleeping trouble.

4) Helps relieve pain


Being a natural analgesic, anise oil helps relieve pain in those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and joints pain. The antispasmodic nature of the oil makes it an option to relieve pain due to spasms.

5) Relieves respiratory ailments


Anise oil helps in clearing congested lungs by melting phlegm or mucous. Those who suffer from breathing trouble like asthma and bronchitis will get relief if they happen to drink hot water with added anise seeds.

6) Protects from infection

wound -Top 9 Health Benefits Offered By Anise Oil

Anise oil has antiseptic properties that make it effective in preventing infections. The oil can be applied to wounds to prevent bacterial infection and also to treat the wound faster. However, it shouldn’t be used for deep cuts or wounds of any kind.

7) Helps reduce menstrual pain

scanty periods relax

The oil is also good for women in reducing cramps they suffer from during periods. A gentle massage on the abdominal area is helpful in warding off the pain. The oil has estrogen like properties.

8) Beneficial for the heart

The Impact of Excess Weight On Vital Body Organs heart

Anise keeps blood pressure in check. It improves the circulation of blood and keeps the heart healthy and active. However, those who suffer from low blood pressure should stay away from it as the oil can further drop ones blood pressure.

9) Treats sleeping disorders

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The oil has natural sedative properties that helps reduce sleeping disorders. But care should be taken that the oil is used in little quantities as excess of it can cause drowsiness. In small quantities it is used to relax the brain and is an effective tranquilizer.


Pregnant women, people with low BP should not use this oil at all. It is not suitable for small children and women who are on estrogen medication or who are suffering from breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

Don’t the Top 9 Health Benefits Offered By Anise Oil seem amazing?

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