Top 9 Remedies To Combat Bad Breath


Top 9 Remedies To Combat Bad Breath

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Bad breath is called halitosis. Having bad breath can be quite embarrassing and make your confidence level hit an all time low. If you too suffer from bad breath and don’t know what to do, this post may be helpful.

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First, have a look at the reasons of bad breath:

  • Eating foods with a pungent odour
  • Smoking
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Gum disease
  • Sinus conditions
  • Certain medical conditions.

The primary cause of bad breath is bacteria that build up between the teeth and on the back of the tongue.

In order to control bad breath you have to maintain oral hygiene. For keeping your breath fresh you have to make sure that you drink adequate amounts of water. After a meal make it a point to swish water few a few seconds in the mouth. This will help removing food particles that are stuck up between your teeth and your mouth will be clean. Apart from water there are some magic ingredients in your kitchen that can help in warding off bad breath. Read on!

1) Fennel


Fennel helps combat bad breath as it ahs antimicrobial properties.

  • Chew a tbsp of fennel slowly to freshen your breath and stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth.
  • If you eat food with strong odours, try chewing fennel seeds along with other aromatic spices like cardamom and clove. This will help freshen your breath.

2) Cinnamon

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Cinnamon has an essential oil called cinnamic aldehyde that not just covers up bad breath but also helps in reducing the bacteria in the saliva. Here is a remedy you can follow twice a day:

  • Boil a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in 1 cup of water.
  • Add bay leaves and cardamom to it too
  • Strain the concoction and use it as a mouth wash to freshen your breath.

3) Fenugreek

Top Health Benefits Of FenugreekMethi Seeds

Fenugreek tea is known to be quite effective in treating bad breath. You need the boil the seeds of fenugreek in a cup of water and strain and drink the tea.

4) Cloves

Cloves top 9 health benefits

Cloves possess powerful antiseptic properties that make it helpful in getting rid of bad breath.

  • You can just pop in a few cloves in your mouth and chew them to eliminate bad breath in a matter of few minutes.
  • If you want to make a clove tea, you can do so by adding two cloves to two cups of hot water and allowing it to steep for about 20 minutes. Keep stirring it. You can either drink the tea or use it as a mouth rinse twice daily.

5) Parsley

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The chlorophyll content in parsley helps in controlling bad breath. This herb can be used as follows:

  • Chew on a few vinegar dipped parsley leaves for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • You can also extract the juice of parsley leaves and keep sipping on the juice to freshen your breath. Along with refreshing your breath it will reduce the production of intestinal gas.

6) Lemon juice

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

This remedy has been in use for a while now. The acidic content of lemons prevents the growth of bacteria on the tongue and gums.

Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to one cup of water and rinse your mouth with it. Even a bit of salt can be added to this mouth rinse at night. This remedy will help in treating dryness of the mouth which is the one of the main culprit behind bad breath.

7) Apple Cider Vinegar


Being acidic in nature, apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for bad breath. The remedies are as follows:

  • To a glass of water add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and drink it before having your meals. The vinegar will help in curing bad breath along with aiding digestion.
  • Add a little Apple Cider Vinegar to a cup of water and gargle it.

8) Tea tree oil

tea tree oil for bad breath

Tea tree oil is antiseptic in nature and can act as a powerful disinfectant for the mouth. There are a variety of ways to get benefits from tea tree oil and they are as follows:

  • Use a tooth paste that contains tea tree oil.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil and brush with your regular toothpaste.
  • Make your own mouth wash by mixing equal quantities of tea tree oil, lemon oil and pepper mint oil in a glass of water.

9) Tea


Herbal tea or even usual tea can help fight bad breath. Polyphenols found in green tea a s well as black tea can help in stopping the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Even after trying natural treatments if your bad breath persists, do pay a visit to the dentist or a doctor to check if you have serious underlying problems.

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