Top Causes of Headaches


Top Causes of Headaches

There must be no single person on this Earth who doesn’t know what a headache is but there are many who suffer from chronic headaches.

Headaches are of many types based on the cause.

  1. Primary headache usually is because of pain sensitive structures in the brain. Chemical over activity, problems with nerves in head and genes could be few of them. Migraine is a type of primary headache.
  2. Secondary headache is a symptom of a disease which stimulates the pain sensitive nerves in the head such as sinus infection, stroke, brain tumor, etc.


Top Causes of Headaches:

1. Hangover Headaches: These are due to alcohol consumption. It follows a night of boozing heavily. The pain may come from inflammation or due to effect of alcohol in the blood vessels. It is still unknown. Even dehydration can be a reason.

2. Dehydration and Skipping meals: You can get headache if you don’t drink enough water or for long hours and skip meals. Take minimum 8 glasses of water every day and eat vegetables and fruits to get all the essential nutrients to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. If it is because of dehydration, then you can drink few glasses of water and relax for some time. This will surly cure to some extent.

3. Cold Stimulus: We know what brain freeze is. Sometimes it happens with territory of eating an ice cream. This brain freeze is also known as cold stimulus headache. Lick slowly and eat your ice cream slowly in such cases.

4. Stress: This is well known to everyone and is quite common as well. Whether it is due to work load, due to your boss in office or your teacher in school, your stress levels can give this headache and at this stage your brain releases cortisol to control it. But when the cortisol level reduces, you are more prone to get a migraine.

5. Digestive Problems: As per Chinese medicine, headaches are also linked with your digestive system. If you eat something and that food causes any digestive problem, then you have chances of getting headache as well. Make sure your food gets digested properly.


Over Exercising

6. Exercise: If you overdo your physical activity or over exercise, then you can get a headache. Mix up your activities. Try doing few moderate exercises as well instead of doing all heavy work. This may prevent and even relieve the pain to some extent.

7. Food Allergies: Sometimes the headaches are linked to food you eat. See if you have food allergies and stay away from them.

8. Environment: The pollution is increasing with time and this can be a reason for your headache. People are now becoming more sensitive to environment.

9. Sleep Disorders: If you sleep for 6 or less hours a day then you can get headache. Also if the sleeping time changes suddenly, then there are chances of getting headache.

10. Poor Posture: Like over exercising can cause headache, no exercising can also cause headache. If you are sitting at a place for hours, then you are putting pressure on your head and neck muscles as a result of which you get the headache.

Drink More Water

11. Disease Symptoms: This could be a secondary type of headache. Many diseases include headache as a symptom. If you get headaches frequently and if it is unusual, then you should immediately got to a doctor.

12. Hormones: Reduction of estrogen before periods can cause migraine. Other disturbances in hormones can also cause headaches.

13. Excess Medication: This is also called rebound headache. This happens if you use medicines excessively.

14. Changes in Temperature: The weather also plays a major role in this. If there are sudden changes in the temperature, then you can get a headaches.

15. Smoking: Not only active smokers have chances to get headaches but because of them passive smokers also have equal chances of headaches. So, try to avoid smoking the second hand smoke.

The best way to cure headache is to know the cause for your headache and prevent it by taking required precautions. Moderate exercises, avoiding excess stress, eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated can mostly prevent normal headaches but if you think you have secondary type of headache, then you should immediately see a doctor.

Hope you found this post on top causes of headache  useful!

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